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How many kilometers I can go on full tank of Maruti Suzuki Swift?

By: Farhan on 10 june 2015

6 Answers:

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has a fuel tank capacity of around 42 litres and it is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of around 16 kmpl in the city roads and around 20 kmpl on the highways, in case of Petrol variant, while the diesel variant of Swift is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 21 kmpl in the city traffic conditions and around 25 kmpl on the highways. So it can run 672 kms in the city roads and around 840 kms on the highways, in case of petrol variant. The diesel variant is capable of giving a fuel efficiency range of 882 kms in the city road and 1050 kmpl on the highways. This is a very good fuel efficiency by a car of this segment.


Akansh   2015-06-10

Hi Mr. Farhan, The petrol run trims garner mileage figures of 16 Kmpl within the city and 20 Kmpl on the highways. So, Maruti Suzuki Swift with 42 litres of fuel tank capacity would be able to drive for around 672 Km within the city and 840 Km on the highways. Similarly, the diesel run trims yield mileage figures of 21 Kmpl and 25 Kmpl, within the city and on the highways, respectively, which means distance covered within the city would be 882 Km and 1050 Km on the highways.

Raju   2015-06-24

I have Maruti Suzuki LXi which runs over petrol and it gives me a mileage of almost 17, without AC, with Ac this may go 2-3 KMS difference, which will be like 14 KMPL. The fuel tank of Maruti swift is capable to store almost 42 liters of petrol or diesel. So one tank full of petrol version of Maruti swift is capable to take you up to 580 with AC running whereas without AC can take you up to 700 kilometers without the need of refueling.

Rakesh   2015-07-11

I am agreeing with the above statement. Maruti Suzuki swift is a fuel efficient car and save a lot of money of its owners. The new Swift VDI is my ride now a day and I am more than happy with the performance and mileage of its. The Swift gives a mileage of 22-25 depending on the driving conditions. So a tank full of 42 liter capacity tank of Swift diesel version can take you 900 to 1020 Kilometers based on drive conditions.

Taseel   2015-07-12

I am not agree with the above statement, even I am riding a VDi version of Maruti swift and all these 23 and 25 KMPL mileage are airy. I don’t believe it, it’s been a year now but I never got mileage more than 16-17 kilometer per liter. Don’t know how and on what basis people are saying that. In the weather conditions like Delhi, who runs the car without heater and AC. So showing the mileage without AC is pointless. I will be the happiest person if the Swift can give me 20 KMPL.

Devarth   2015-07-24

Maruti Suzuki Swift has a fuel tank capacity of about 42 litres. This means this car is capable of going long distances with ease. Apart from having a high capacity fuel tank, it has got a mileage of 15 kmpl to 16 kmpl in the busy roads and a mileage of 20 kmpl in the highways and having this good fuel efficiency will take this car over 600 kilometers in the busy city roads and about 800 kms in the open highways in the country. The diesel variant is more useful in increasing mileage of the car. The diesel variant can sum up to 800kms in the city roads and a sky high 1000kms in the highways.

Savvy   2015-08-06

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