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Why cabin of Maruti Suzuki Swift becomes noisy at high speed?

By: Mahender on 12 june 2015

2 Answers:

Hello Mahender !!

The noisy cabin could be because of various reasons, one of the main reason would be the poor maintenance of the engine, or not using good quality engine oil in the car. And second reason may be wind entering the car from somewhere, when the car is traveling very fast, and somehow wind is entering it, makes a lot of noise in the car. And also make sure you are using good quality of tyres in the car. If the tyres are not of good quality it makes lot of noise, which is transferred to the car. If the wheel alignment of the car is not perfect, then also it makes noise inside the cabin of the car. You should take your car to your nearest service centre as soon as possible.




Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-12

Hi Mr. Mahendhar, the reasons that your Maruti Swift becomes noisy at high speeds could be many. Most important of them is an underlying engine problem, which needs to be sorted out. Also, using non standardised tyres and faulty wheel alignment could be attributable to the problem. Furthermore, using good quality engine oil too might help your cause as it would lubricate the engine and reduce friction. So, take your car to the nearest authorised service station.

Ritiza   2015-06-20

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