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Which engine oil should be used in Maruti Suzuki Swift car?

By: Piyush Kareer on 2 july 2015

9 Answers:

Hello Piyush Kareer !!

As per Maruti Suzuki Swift user’s manual the recommended Engine Oil is SF 20 W 40 for petrol engine and recommended engine oil for diesel engine is Engine Oil is SF 15 W 40, API-CG4 or above.

SF 20 W 40 Motor Oils are high quality engine oil, based on a blend of high quality high viscosity index, mineral base oils and selected additives to meet the performance requirements of passenger car and some medium powered diesel engines.

It is important to keep the engine oil at the correct level for proper lubrication of your vehicle’s engine. Check the oil level with the vehicle on a level surface. The oil level indication may be inaccurate if the vehicle is on a slope. The oil level should be checked either before starting the engine or at least 5 minutes after stopping the engine.

For checking the oil level pull out the oil dipstick, wipe-off oil with a clean cloth, insert the dipstick all the way into the engine, and then remove it again. The oil on the stick should be between the upper and lower limits. If the oil level indication is near the lower limit, add enough oil to raise the level to the upper limit.

Maruti Suzuki offers the Emission Warranty on all Maruti Suzuki vehicles (apart from the Regular Warranty and will run parallel to the regular product warranty) only in four metropolitan cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai), if the unspecified engine oil is used the emission warranty will not be applicable.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-07-09

Hi, Mr. Piyush, The type of engine oil to be used in Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback is given in the user manual. The petrol engine should get an engine oil of SF 20 W 40 make and the diesel one should get of SF 15 W 40 or API-CG4 make. The engine oils are recommended as they are of a high viscous index and contain mineral base.

rishabh   2015-07-11

According to the swift user manual provided by Maruti Suzuki, the recommended oil to be provided in the engine is SF 20 W 40 for the petrol variant and SF 15 W 40 for the diesel variant. These are mineral based engine oil with authentic quality. These are blended with additives which are selectively added to meet the cars requirements as desired by the owner of the car. The engine oil should be good in fluidity to reduce the the friction

Nawaz   2015-07-17

In accordance to the car’s engine requirement and performance delivery. Engine oil from the companies Shell and Total which are easily available in the automobile market are recommended as they maintain accurate viscosity standards as viscosity of the engine oil is an important criteria for selecting the appropriate engine oil. As this would compensate for the friction that is generated inside the engine and maintains the engine in good condition so that ignition takes place instantly

Shakti   2015-07-20

The requirement for engine oil for the diesel engine of Maruti Suzuki Swift is 15W40 where as the service centre are providing with the 5W40 grade engine oil which only decreases the performance and increase the maintenance cost in the long run. Well it’s appropriate for the updated version of the swift models which run on diesel. The engine oil from the companies Mobil. While synthetic engine oil are also recommended for the cars now a days.

Alfaaz   2015-07-22

The synthetic engine oil that is available today in the market has very less impurity level. They are synthesized over a long process from the crude oil to produce a more efficient and are tailored to some specific engine models. The synthetic engine oils may not be economical but it will surely take care of your engine in the long run with consistent performance. It increases the engine longetivity and not much sludge is generated if synthetic engine oils are used in this cars.

Zaid   2015-07-24

Always use the recommended engine oil, that is what you need to do for the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The SF 20 W 40 is the engine oil you need to use for the petrol engine and S F 15 W 40 is recommended for the diesel cars.

Nakul   2015-09-09

The user manual of Swift from Maruti Suzuki suggests using the SF 15 W 40 for the diesel cars and SF 20 W 40 for the petrol variants. These oils are mineral based, and they are of good quality.

Usman   2015-09-11

You need to choose the engine oil for your cars with proper care, because the engine oil can affect the performance of a car to a great extent. You need to get the cars from the right and reputed brands.

Pushpank   2015-09-12

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