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What is the light next to the reverse parking light and brake light present at the rear end of the Maruti Swift? Why doesn't this third light turn on?

By: Jamsheed khan on 16 july 2016

1 Answers:

There are 4 kinds of light which you will see at the back side of a Maruti Suzuki Swift. They are reverse parking lights, brake lights, indicator lights and the fourth kind are the reflectors. The type of light you are talking about are the reflectors which are mounted on the back side of the vehicle. The reflectors will only glow once lights from some other car bounces on them as they are used as an indicator for the car behind you that there is another car in front of it. There is no light in these reflectors and hence you need not worry at all. Even if now there is a doubt in your mind then you can take your vehicle to the nearest authorized service station and get the information. 

Parmita   2016-07-16

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