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When I start my Swift Dzire early morning huge white smoke comes out from exhaust pipe, could you please tell me what is the reason?

By: Rajesh V on 1 september 2016

1 Answers:

This may be due to an accumulation of condensation that finds its way through the exhaust pipe, generally white smoke goes away once the car engine is warm but if the white smoke keeps coming out after the engine is warm then something may be wrong, as per rule the darker the smoke is the more serious the problem grows. White smoke emitting also indicates that fuel pump injection timing is off, so you should take your car to mechanic to check the issue and if necessary, fix the fault, you can also check the fuel pump injection timing to know if this is the cause. White smoke emitting may also be due to leaking coolent which is then being burned, but if the car is emitting a lot of white smoke from exhaust when it is running can be sign of more serious and costly problem with the fuel filter, cylinder head, the cylinder head gasket or even the crack in the engine block.

Firoj   2016-09-01

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