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Which one to choose between a Wagon R Stingray and Chevrolet Beat?

By: Abhijeet on 5 october 2014

4 Answers:

The Beat is all about looks, it is a car made to attract the youth. Sporty interiors and big eye like head lights, macho front grille makes it an eye catching product. But when compared to Stingray, it does not stand good. No Doubt, the engine is bigger, 1.2L and produces 79bhp and 108Nm of power and torque but the mileage is a little low. But where it lacks the most is its space and features. The boot space and rear seat is cramped but in Stingray there is ample space in these two compartments. Also no alloy wheels, no ABS, no airbags in the same price range version makes Stingray a favourite.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-05

Both the cars have pros and cons. Like for Beat it has amazingly sporty looks, which mostly attracts the young generation. If compared with the looks of Stingray you might find Beat better but when you compare other features and performance you will defiantly like Stingray. Beat has a bigger engine, which produces 79bhp and 108 Nm of power, but has low mileage, less space and lacks in other features. Safety features are more in Stingray as well as the body is more solid to provide better protection.

Sangram   2014-12-02

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray and Chevrolet Beat both are one of the famous hatchbacks in Indian market but because of some extra styling Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray not gained much of attention as compared to Chevrolet Beat, but when it comes to running and maintenance cost then Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray is complete a winner and without any doubt this car is perfect to run especially for daily use. According to my point of view and observations Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray is the perfect car as comparison to Chevrolet Beat.

Damini   2015-01-11

Both, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray and Chevrolet Beat are performing very well. With Chevrolet Beat you will get the option for diesel models also. Though, if you want to buy petrol car then Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray would be a better option. Its mileage is much better and maintenance cost is cheaper than Chevrolet Beat. If you are looking for power and pickup, then Chevrolet Beat would be a better option.

Shiva   2015-01-29

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