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By: Sandharb on 6 october 2014

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Any car ensures you a long term usage if you maintain it properly. Stingray is just the same, the car has best service provider in the country but it also depends on the owner to take a good care of the car. The manufaturer and dealers provide a variety of after sales service but if you find any mistake any malfunctioning you should take it to a mechanic immediately. Driving the car more under such conditions will only make the situation worse. 

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-06

Hi Sandarbh..
Apart from the above, what does a vehicle needs to serve you for a longer period of time is timely maintenance visits as designed by the manufacturer. People often complain of a bad mileage, vibrations, and excessive engine noise etc. soon after the 3-4th year. These are caused of rough driving and no servicing. You need to take a really good care of your Maruti Suzuki Wagon R stingray to keep it in a good condition for long.


A.D Narayan   2014-10-24

Well, there is a universal rule for your query. Not only Wagor R but any car would need constant maintenace trips to the service station in order for you to keep riding it for long. Stick to the OEM prescribed services. Generally, any vehicle happens to be in a dire need of service after every 10k kilometers. Secondly, the way to handle it while driving also is considered to be a factor in how long your vechile would last. Keep it up with timely services and I'm sure you'll enjoy a good time with it.

Ekaansh   2014-05-16

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