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What are the features of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R?

By: Ram on 27 february 2015

11 Answers:

The car has got the real advantage of the WagonR with Maruti Suzuki. This is the one reason why it got succeeded largely on a wider scale. This was obviously the facility of the space that it gave to us. The Japan model came with a relief with better and plush interiors.The suspension is very absorbent and stability at speed is good – this makes for relaxed commuting. You get a nice kick after some drive thus it makes you drive it well. The insulation could have been better. Also the gear shift is really good with no complaints. I think if you liked the earlier model you will like this model as well.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-27

Talking about the features it has collapsible steering column, halogen headlamps with head levelling device, I-CATS, dual tone interiors and 3D effect plush upholstery, etc. It uses a 998 cc engine. There are several other safety features installed in the car as compared to the earlier models. The seats are more comfortable; boot space is increased as well as headroom is large to fit a tall man comfortably. Gear box are designed beautifully and worked on cable mechanism which provides smooth change in gear.

RITESH   2015-03-20

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is of the most famous hatchback in Indian market and without any doubt this car has achieved some good response because of reusable cost of ownership and fuel economy my is also class leading. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has recently got new avatar which has blessed with some somatic changes which means there is no scope of receiving new model of this car in market in this particular year as you have to wait for the end of this year. However if you are in hurry to buy a car then you can try Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray the updated version of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R.

Kaman   2015-04-04

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is a budget hatchback. The space in terms of headroom and legroom it offers is what is the big pros for this car. The car is a proper city car which can make your daily rounds through the city easy and smooth. This car with large headlamps is not easy to miss. First time Maruti makers have launched a car for Japan as well as India.The car has got prominently wide grille. And also its nose is protruding with bigger lights.The car has got 998 cc engine with three cylinders needing space. Bonnet makes the look bigger.

Sateesh   2015-04-16

Wagon R is commonly christened the tall boy of Indian small cars for its dominant lean but tall stance. The car has delighting interior and exterior features such as the long and tall body look which avails the abundant head and legroom space on the inside. Its softer and clear look head and tail lights add purposeful design too overall look. The rear wiper, tinted windows and roof rails create something sporty and stylish. The inside flat floor design and high roof, silent cabin, audio and analog dashboard add some entertaiment on the go.

Akshay   2015-05-06

The Wagon R is the best Maruti Suzuki car and has all the advantages of the Maruti car. The cost, performance and mileage are great. This Japanese model car has Plush button and good interiors. The suspension is absorbent and is comfortable. The car has good stability, and the car has good insulation. The gear shift is smooth and the car has no complaints for the space in the front and rear too.

Mukteshwar   2015-06-05

There are lots of features in the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, which include the halogen headlamps, steering column, 3D effect plush upholstery, and lots of other safety features. The car is comfortable, and the boot space is not compromised for the same. The car has beautifully designed gear box, and the cable mechanism is smooth. Changing the gear is not cumbersome and the mileage of the car too is good.

Naveen   2015-06-14

The most famous hatchback car in the market is the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. The car has gained popularity because the price tag is lesser and also the resale value is good. There are somatic changes present in the car. The car has good fuel economy, performance and a strong engine. It moves without sound even in the high speeds. The car looks elegant and the interiors too are great.

Raju   2015-06-16

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is one of the best cars when it comes to the headroom, leg room and space in the cars of Indian market. The car is apt for the daily use to the work or college. The Japanese design has coupled with the Indian needs, and has made it possible for all to enjoy comfy ride even for a cheap price tag. The safety features and the space are not sacrificed for the price.

Ashaa   2015-07-12

The tall body that looks lean is the distinctive characteristic of the Wagon R cars from the Maruti Suzuki. The car has a clear look, and the abundant head room is offered because tall stance. The car has a design that is functional. The rear wiper, roof tails, bigger lamps, and the tinted windows are a few characteristics of the car. The silent cabin and the flat floor design too are good.

Anmol   2015-07-25

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is really spacious. It can provide seating facility to at least 5 pillions. It has been blessed with a plush and exciting interior. The suspension setup of this car is quite absorbent and durable, even when the user is riding at higher speeds. It entertains a large boot capacity. The seats have been well cushioned and as such, add to the comfort factor of this ride. It backs up a well designed gearbox and functions very well on cable mechanism. The halogen headlamps of this car along with the head leveling device are interactive additions.

Raftar   2015-08-06

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