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What are the special exterior features of Maserati Gran Cabrio?

By: Varsha gupta on 6 september 2014

7 Answers:

The most distinctive feature of the exterior is its fabric soft top.A hughly sphesticated stylish and technological choice which ensures the Maserati convertible is keeping with the tradition.In rear of the car, the triangular light assemblies comprising 96 LED Lights and large aerodynamic diffuser further underline its dynamic spirit.The sides features a number of chrome plated details that makes the exteriors look more luminous.There is no chrome on radiator grill and door handles. The dynamism of the side view is accentuated by short overgangs and large engine hood.

Sonal Gupta   2014-09-06

I own a Maserati GranCabrio 4.7 Petrol and my friends are extremely envious of its exteriors. It is just top notch with soft top fabric done with sheer sophistication and elegance. The engine is powerful and has great performance. The car is available in many elegant colours unlike other cars. It has light cluster which comprises of 96 LED lights. Maserati GranCarbio is truly unique with its exteriors, interiors and the overall performance.

Shagun   2015-04-17

Maserati GranCarbio 4.7 has the complete package of what is needed in a car. Adding to his answer, the car has long engine hood which is nicely done. The wheels are made of 20 inches alloy fitting very well into its arches. It looks elated and classy from every angle thanks to the chrome lines along the car. I absolutely love this car!

Mounik   2015-04-21

The Maserati convertible comes with a large, oval shaped front grille that is a booming feature of Maserati sports cars. The symbol of the company is embossed at the front of the grille, and the air breathable is situated at the very bottom. The front lights are slim and trimmed, which gives perfectly smashing looking car and with rear lights that are flat and about rectangular in shape, inclusive with LED lights, turn indicators light.

Satyam   2015-05-07

The Maserati Gran Cabrio comes with contemporary exterior features such as the icon of the company is marked at the front of the grille. Its door handle is polished in silver, and the front windscreen is clean backwards to give the car a sharp, speed and agility with rear lights that are flat and almost rectangular in shape, complete with LED lights, turn indicators lights. The exterior appearance and beautifully crafted along with its high end performance.

Suresh   2015-06-28

Maserati Gran Cabrio is a high end luxurious convertible model with loads of interiors and exterior features. The exterior of the car is very sporty and aggressive to catch the glances of everyone travelling on the same road. With a single control button you can convert this car from a coupe to open sports car. There are so many sensors placed on the bumpers of the car for airbags, parking sensors, etc.

Naksh   2015-08-12

There is a long list of exterior features added in this car such as its aerodynamic design which supports the car to flow easily on the roads smoothly. It also has a long range of LED lights added in it and also is available in a lot of different colors which make it look stylish.

Garav   2015-10-13

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