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Should I worry about running and maintenance of Mercedes Benz A-Class?

By: Jagirath on 2014-15-10

3 Answers:

Basically Mercedes Benz A-Class is a premium segment car. And cars in this segment are built to give either utmost comfort or maximum performance or sometimes combination of both. Mercedes Benz A-Class is built to give its rider the perfect combination of both luxury and performance. Usually premium segment cars like Mercedes Benz A-Class are not expected to be low on maintenance cost. But surprisingly Mercedes maintenance is not as costly as to its competitors like Jaguar. Also please consider that maintenance cost is also highly dependent on the motor you opt for. For example it is observed that petrol avtar of any car is relatively high on running cost and low on maintenance cost, where as diesel cars are low on running cost and high on maintenance cost. This is so because diesel fuel have a high combustion power which make engine undergo high pressure so the wear and tear of engine increases when compared to petrol ones so regular servicing is required to change fluids lubricating engine.

All About Mercedes Benz A-Class

Sonal Gupta    2014-15-10

Cars like Mercedes Benz A class have bad name of high maintenance cost, but let me clear you that if you strictly follow the maintenance chart mentioned in the manual of Mercedes Benz A class then you will receive acceptable maintenance cost despite of the fact that this car belong to the premium segment. The running cost of Mercedes Benz A class is decent and acceptable with performance numbers. This should clear that Mercedes Benz A class have decent fuel economy numbers and maintenance and will not hurt your wallet.

Jaswindir    2014-30-10

Every manufacturer gives the buyer guidelines about the duration required to get the car serviced. Mercedez Benz is a premium segment manufacturer that gives you the best value. Yes, the car requires scheduled maintenance at every quarter of a year but that is required to keep the car up to speed and check for any snags developed in the system.

nikhil    2015-14-01

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