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By: Devika on 5 march 2015

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The pros are in the form of exquisite looks, state of the art comfort and safety features, a powerful engine performance including an above average fuel economy, touchscreen based infotainment system and a robust suspension system. The cons come in the form of a low ground clearance, a high price tag and the absence of premier sound systems like Harman Kardan or Bose. 

TeamAutoportal   2015-03-05

The pros of the Mercedes Benz C-Class far outweigh the cons, if there are any cons at all. It has been heralded by car critics for being one of the most complete packages. Firstly, the car looks stunning and the interiors speak volumes about Mercedes Benz’ desire to achieve perfection. Performance stats of this car are quite incredible as well. The car offers decent fuel economy as well. Price would be the only con, as it cannot be afforded by the Indian masses. 

Vinaayat   2015-04-19

Like each and every four-wheeler that is present in the Indian Automobile Industry, the all new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has its own share of quirks and flaws. It does not provide the user with a complete value of money. In comparison to it's rivals, it appears to be outdated. Moreover, it is now equipped with as many key specifications as it should have been. However, the C-Class is efficiently powerful, and fast. It is quite agile in nature and offers a vivid range of engine options to the user at hand. To be precise, it is an uniquely crafted Mercedes-Benz product.

Rajdeep   2015-06-05

The C-class is a brilliant car manufactured by Mercedes Benz that comes equipped with a touchscreen system, amazing suspension, four wheel drive and a lot of other systems that monitor the performance of the car. Moreover, the design is pretty impressive. The only problem is that it doesn't give a good mileage. The price is also expensive.

sanjay singhanya   2015-06-27

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