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By: Manoj on 12 april 2015

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The two axles of Mercedes Benz C class house a robust suspension system. The system is known as agility control suspension system integrated with a passive damping system that provides stability to the running sedan. Moreover, the suspension system is able to absorb the shocks emanating from obstacles on the road like potholes or bumps. 

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-12

Mercedes Benz C-Class is chosen to have very good performance as it is known to be a combination of high quality looks and drive quality. It is designed to have a very good suspension system to have smooth drive and no jerks while driving on rough roads and absorb any kind of shocks. The tough quality suspension system has been completely provided with a strong engineering for optimum drive performance.

Sophia   2015-06-18

Yes, Sure Mercedes Benz C-Class is one of its kinds and has several appealing features to be counted as its pro features. But You can' t forget about its other features thar are its looks that are exemplary with stylish silhouette, Projector with Xenon headlights, comfortable leather seats, Electric seat height adjustment, fully automatic climate control and powerful engine. Cons are very less when compared to its attractive features few of which are its high pricing, better options for other brands in this price range.

Nisad   2015-06-20

Mercedes Benz C-Class is very good in terms of power, pickup and performance. One can easily race on free roads and it roars with a great acceleration to boast of. Racing passionate people who love speed would definitely love driving the Mercedes Benz C-Class as it reaches its maximum speed of 228KMPH in few seconds. It is like a rage on roads and can enhance the driving experience one has ever imagined.

Atharv   2015-06-22

Yes, I second Atharv, Mercedes Benz C-Class supports long journeys and easy drive with its high capacity of fuel tanks. This is the same case will all the models from the premium luxury brand which is Mercedes Benz. One can fill a maximum capacity of fuel in the car which is about 66 liters of fuel at once. Filling up the tank to full can make hassle free long trips easy to a great extent.

Pankaj   2015-06-24

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