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What are the dimensions of the car and its mileage ?

By: Subhadra on 23 april 2015

10 Answers:

The dimensions of Mercedes Benz C class include a length of 4686mm, a breadth of 1810mm, a height of 1442mm, a wheelbase of 2840mm and a minimum ground clearance of 157mm, respectively. As far as the mileage is concerned, the 2.2 litre diesel powertrain garners 23.7Kmpl and the petrol powertrain garners 14.74 Kmpl. 

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-23

The dimension of the Mercedes C class is 4686mm length, a breadth of 1810mm, and the is height of 1442mm, with the wheelbase of 2840mm and the ground clearance of 157mm.The ARAI Certified Mileage of the Mercedes C Class is 19.27km per liter and It gives a mileage 13kms in the city and 15kms on the expressways. 23.7Kmpl and the petrol power engines give a mileage of 13 km per liter.

Rohan   2015-06-19

I do agree with the above answer, the dimension of Mercedes Benz C Class is as follows a length of 4686mm, width of 1810mm and height of 1442mm with wheelbase of 2840 mm and the ground clearance is 157mm. The fuel consumption is 16kmpl in the city and 18kmpl over the highway. These cars have two variants petrol and diesel. Petrol engine gives a mileage of 10 km per liter.

Shivam   2015-06-20

I do agree with the answers given above, the mileage of Mercedes Benz C Class is 23.7 KMPL on diesel engine and 14 KMPL with the petrol engine i.e. in the city it gives 10 KMPL and on the highway it gives 15 KMPL. The dimension of the car includes a length of 4686mm, a breadth of 1810mm, and a height of in 1442mm and a wheelbase of 2840 mm. The car is adequate in length and breadth to provide enough boot space so that everything fits inside it properly.

Varun   2015-06-22

As said by other answers, there is clarity on the dimensions as well as mileage. The C class has been designed to give their riders a feeling of a racing car with ample space and enough comfort a well as safety and C class cars have been able to achieve those goals. It is having enough space thanks to the well designed dimensions as well as it gives enough mileage, what a 2.0 L engine should give

Namit   2015-06-23

Mercedes C Class is a well designed and powerful vehicle which provides good power as well as good mileage. IT has enough space to fit 5 peoples comfortably inside the car. Its dimension gives it enough room to save the enough space for boot and leg room. The vehicle comes with two different fuel options petrol and diesel. Petrol gives a mileage of 13-14 KMPL and the diesel engine gives a mileage of 17-18 KMPL. So it has power, mileage and enough space.

Navneet   2015-06-24

The dimensions of the Mercedes Benz C class consist of a total body length of 4686mm, a breadth of 1810mm and height of 1442mm. it has a fairly wide wheel base of 2840mm and a ground clearance of 157mm. If we are to speak about the mileage the petrol-variant is not much efficient it give a mileage of about 14KMPl unlike the efficient diesel-variant which gives a mileage of 23.7KMPL.

Sandeh   2015-06-28

The Mercedes Benz has a classy and stylish body with hefty dimensions which includes a long body with a overall length of 4686mm, breadth of 1810mm and height of 1442mm. The wheel-base is wide that is of 2840mm with a ground clearance of 157mm which is fine considering the Indian roads. The diesel-engine gives a good mileage of 23.7KMPL whereas that of the petrol-engine is quite low of about 14KMPL. 

Deepak   2015-07-03

As mentioned by above two the dimensions and mileage are pretty clear. The Mercedes C-class is a fairly large sedan with an aggressive body and comfortable interiors. The cabin space is fairly large with a good leg and head room the boot space is good as well. Apart from this the car gives a sporty edge with its engine performance and powerful acceleration and quite sizeable dimensions it cruises away. 

aarzoo   2015-07-13

I agree, the Mercedes Benz c-class has got distinctive dimensions and aggressive body design. Apart from this the company claimed mileage seems to be fair for this segment although the mileage could have been better for its petrol variant. The body frame is long and classic with comfortable interiors, good head room, leg room, cabin space and boot space it makes its mark. It manages to impress a bulk mob.

Kanak   2015-07-22

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