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Performance of the diesel variant of Mercedes Benz CLA class

By: Nandini on 16 may 2015

8 Answers:

There are two diesel run variants namely, 200 CDI Style and 200 CDI Sport. Both trims run on a 2.1 litre CRDi powertrain displacing 2143cc of air. The engine produces a maximum power of 134.1bhp and a peak torque of 300Nm. The engine is integrated to a 7 speed automatic transmission gearbox system, transferring torque to the front wheels. The engine gathers mileage figures of 13.9Kmpl and 17.9Kmpl, within the city and outside. 

Subhash   2015-05-16

The diesel engine is 2.1 liters turbo motor with 134 bhp and 300Nm of turning power. It offers a comfortable ride on all types of road conditions. The quality of ride is great and the suspension well turned. Even though petrol is the way to go for a sporty ride, diesel on the other hand will offer more cruising type of dynamics. Overall the performance of its diesel variant is really awesome. 

Chetan   2015-06-03

All the variants of Mercedes Benz CLA Class are superb in terms of performance. But I would any day suggest petrol over the diesel variant as it has a lot more to offer. I personally believe that the 2.1 liters turbo motor is just not good enough for a high speed drive and there are much better engines available in the market. No doubt diesel variant is good but I think one can also consider petrol variant to get good performance. 

Nimesh   2015-06-11

The diesel variant of CLA class comes in two variants 2.0 turbo charged engine and 2.1 turbo charged engine. The car performance like pickup and acceleration is truly flawless. It is having 7-speed gearbox which gives punchless drive. It runs really efficiently, smoothly and very quickly. It is having a responsive motor vehicle with Power 181 bhp and torque 30.5 kgm which the smoothly working gearbox and superb suspension.


Nakul   2015-06-01

Agree with the above answer it actually delivers a very good acceleration, power and torque. I have got a chance to test drive a CLA 200 diesel engine and I was flaunted with joy and specialty that has been given to this car. It’s a superb looking aerodynamically designed car and performance over the diesel is also awesome. Most of us believe petrol cars are always better than diesel variant in power and that is true also upto some extent but after driving this car I realized the diesel version is equally efficient and awesome.

Ramnjyot   2015-06-04

The more you drive this car you will get that much affection of it, CLA class Mercedes is such a piece of engineering. The engine has always been a specialty of these cars but CLA class is the most affordable car of Mercedes with a power packed engine. I relate with the above answers. This car is really an awesome piece of engineering and there is no problem in diesel variant, at all. The diesel variant is equally efficient in driving. I have driven both the models.

Jassi   2015-06-05

Cars running on diesel are economical as well as powerful and this is my intense feeling with diesel cars. I own 4-5 diesel cars and I always liked it. In comparison to petrol cars, diesel cars are not having less power. The Mercedes CLA class diesel is a very choice and peoples who are looking to drive Mercedes for the first time, it is affordable as well as with lot of powerful features. So don’t think twice just go for it.

Abbas   2015-06-07

I agree with all the comments Mercedes CLA class diesel as it is a very powerful engine with top speed of 235 km per hour. It is having a power train turbocharged engine with 2.2 L engine. So there are no issues in diesel variant of CLA class. You can go for buying it. Mercedes cars have always been an attraction in the luxurious segment and CLA class can be a good buy in the affordable segment of Mercedes cars.

Jagjit   2015-06-13

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