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What are the features of interiors of Mercedes Benz CLS ?

By: Sonali Rawat on 7 november 2014

9 Answers:

Mercedes Benz CLS comes with fully fuction information cluster which includes statelite navigation system for perfect navigation which becomes very usefull when you lost especially when their is no one to tell you the route. Music system installed in Mercedes Benz CLS provides decent sound quality which is enough to entertain all 4 passengers sitting in the car includeing driver. Mercedes Benz CLS blessed with multi fuctional steering which come swith electronic adjustable features whcih is very much efficent for comfortable drive but steering is slightly over offset to driver which becomes slight difficult if traveling on long road trips. Mercedes Benz have perfect cabin sapce for 4 adults (even for six footers also) with decent head room, leg room, elbow room and shoulder room.When comes to practicallity Mercedes Benz CLS blessed with many small storage compartments running all over the cabin which is quite practical to store bottle, small acceries, cup holders and lot more. Accoding to me Mercedes Benz CLS is the perfect car for 4 passengers or we can say for small family because it also provides decent boot space with extented boot tray.

All About Mercedes-Benz CLS

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-07

The Benz CLS class is in a class of its own, its super sporty and luxurious interiors are also very spacious and comfortable. The seats are upholstered in fine grain leather and are electrically adjustable with memory function. The dashboard features three spoke steering wheel with 12 multi-function switches and paddle shifters, a large infotainment screen and an exclusive THERMOTRONIC AC. It has several power sockets, electrical rear window blinds and sunroof, rear parking camera and ambient lighting with three electable colours.

Maheel   2015-01-10

Mercedes Benz CLS is equipped with extremely luxurious interior features. All the seats are extremely comfortable and electrically adjustable.These provide relaxing journey during long drive. The car has 520 liter boot space which is rather admirable. The air con is pretty well effective for instant cooling with active ventilation system as well. It has a sporty 3-spoke multi function steering wheel loaded with many control functions along with paddle shifters. Some other important feature like TFT display screen, rear armrest with cup holders and high-quality instrument cluster are the excellent in its class.

Sachin   2015-02-01

The Mercedes Benz CLS is loaded with a number of features and equipment that you could find only in high class Mercedes cars. It has a multifunction steering wheel with electronically adjustable equipments. The stereo-system is great with Bluetooth connectivity. Also the seats are cozy and comfortable with leather upholstery which provides comfortable sitting position. Also the cabin is full of small storage compartments to store small accessories and cups.

Suksham   2015-06-13

For me the interior is the best thing I found in Mercedes Benz CLS, large cabin, more leg room , wide  comfortable and cozy seats and to top it up with innumerable features and equipments that help making your driving experience better. One could easily travel long-distance without feeling the fatigue or tiredness. All in all this is a complete package of classy interiors and comfortable ride with powerful engine. 

Krishan   2015-06-22

Being a high class sedan the Mercedes Benz CLS has to be high on interiors and comfort, it has not only managed to live up with its expectation but also give more to it. Apart from the comfortable cabin and other high-tech features what I loved the most is the 3 spoke multifunction steering wheel which is loaded with many control functions that offer almost everything on your finger tips.

Jyoti   2015-06-21

Mercedes Benz offers a very luxurious and well equipped interior. It includes comfortable seats, which can be electrically adjusted to ensure high level comfort while travelling. Also the multi-function steering wheel is an asset in the interiors. The AC is effective which provides instant cooling with competent ventilation. The entertainment system is good with a TFT display screen and the resourceful audio system. Some other features are rear armrest and cup-holder.

Yasool   2015-07-19

The Mercedes Benz CLS is a highly equipped sedan, the first thing that catches an eye is the multifunction steering wheel along the music system with a high-tech CD player and equally distributed speakers which provide a fair sound quality. Also the cabin space is large with ample amount legroom and headroom. The seats are electronically adjustable and very cozy to increase the comfort level of the driver and passengers.

Arihant   2015-07-16

The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class entertains an interior cabin which is quite elegant in nature. A three dimensional display instrument cluster has been incorporated in this ride. The flexible side bolsters that are present in the head restraints increase the comfortable experience of the user. The driver's seat can be adjusted according to the appropriate height required. Such alluring features makes the ride compatible for long rides. The steering wheel comes in either black leather or almond. Three set of themes are available for mood lighting - Neutral, Solar and Polar. Any of them can be selected according to the user's choice.

Gurmeet   2015-07-24

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