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What are the features of exteriors of Mercedes-Benz E-Class ?

By: Surjeet on 9 november 2014

4 Answers:

Well in Mercedes Benz E-Class it is observed that the external design of this car is tried to be remained traditional as the designers of E-Class tried to maintain the old design and inspiration for its latest offering as well. Mercedes Benz E class carries all of same old but unique traits of Mercedes. The body shape is tried to be of aggressive nature as it is being observed that this car have a very beautiful angular body design. Despite of working on the idea of carrying old traditional design some of the latest cars do not carry this muscular design like old ones so well that The E-Class does. However there are many detailing in E-Class too which is some how some what over shadowing the traditional looks. Like the oval shaped twin headlamps of E-class which gave Mercedes a distinct image, are now replaced by parallelogram looking twin headlamps. However these headlamps are supported with LED running daylight lamps. The curves running on the side profiles of this car make people think that those curve are helping in some aerodynamic stuff, which actually is not true.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-09

The new two louvre radiator grille with central star. The rectangular tail pipe trims integrated in the rear bumper and 5 Twin spoke alloy wheels. E class head lamp clusture is loaded with LED lamps. The LED headlamp in the intelligent light system feature energy efficient LED technology and offer improved visibility in many driving situations.The intelligent and adaptive system allows for dynamic illumination of road ahead without dazzling other road users. The new interpretated exteriors makes the car look more powerful and dynamic.

Pankaj   2014-09-23

The E-CLass is one of the most beautiful cars in the Indian market. Gorgeous on the inside, it is equally beautiful on the outside. The fused headlamps give it a more angular look besides the LED strips clearly de marking the 'eyes'. The front does look a little pudgy but the contours when viewed from a side view give the car its definite stance. Mercedes-Benz wasn't the first to pioneer this bird's eye view of the vehicle's surroundings, but its seamless execution makes it so different from others, this is a part of the Parking Assist Package and the car also has a park assist feature.

Shabad   2014-12-30

The exterior of the brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class remains somewhat traditional, since the brand follows the platform of an old yet classy design for its latest products. The E-Class has a beautiful angular body that provides an aggressive feel to the user. Unfortunately, some of Mercedes-Benz's latest products do not offer the old muscular design. The oval shaped dual headlamps of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has now been replaced by classy parallelogram twin headlamps. To add to it's cause. they have been accompanied by a LED running daylight lamps having hockey stick design. Precisely speaking, the external design is world class.

Vishvatma   2015-05-31

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