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What are the comfort features available in Mercedes Benz E Class?

By: Elango on 22 november 2014

7 Answers:

Mercedes Benz E class is loaded with plenty of luxury and comfort features. To mention one of them, it offers optional parking package with active park assist makes parallel and perpendicular parking practically automatic.Cameras that monitor area around the car show potential obstacle as seen from above on central display.If optionally available digital camera is fitted,display shows moving pictures that use dynamic gudance lines to assist with manoeuvering as well as convenience of easy parking. The saloon is verymuch geared towards comfort on short and long trips.Electromechanical direct steering system for enhanced steering comfort.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-22

Mercedes Benz is famous for making best in class cabins, and most of the time they did it as best in the class. And Mercedes Benz E class also did justice with the brand name as this car is designed with impressive interior. The interior features are inspired by S class. However when you'll enter in the cabin of Mercedes Benz E-Class you'll notice a very large number of buttons, however these buttons don't look chaotic anyway. The steering wheel itself houses around 12 buttons which are used to control Bluetooth, stereo system and many more infotainment related stuff. The instrument cluster itself is a challenge to understand as it houses around 5 dials. This display however showcases the transmission mode, gear on which the car is running currently, fuel consumption and temperature of the car, etc. However for audio system, there is a color display of 5.8 inches which is placed with the controls for best in class climate control. The audio system of Mercedes Benz E class supports USB connection and the system is supported by 8 speakers by which it delivers superb audio quality to passengers.

Sanjeev    2014-11-29

Mercedes-benz has always been known for the class and style. It is one of the most trusted brands in the list of luxury car brands. The interior feature of the car is very comfortable as the seats are very comfortable and there is enough space in the car. Once can easily sit as the leg space is pretty good. There are many comfortable cabins built in the cars that make the journeys very comfortable and easy.

Prince   2015-04-17

Mercedes is always loaded and is packed with a lot of features. These features are very attractive and it is a reason enough for people to be inclined towards buying the car. The interiors of the car are spectacular and adhere to the standards of luxury. One will completely feel the comfort during their journey. The interiors are very well designed and there is absolutely no need to alter the interiors.

Sumant   2015-04-20

Needless to state, Mercedes-benz has always been known for the looks and the class. Each owner of the car would be proud of it as the interiors are very well designed. They are not only good to look at but they are also very comfortable. Mercedes is a brand that believes in style with comfort. The seats and other interiors of the car are very comforting and relaxing. One would not feel any jerks during the movement of the car.

Ishan   2015-04-22

There are many interior features that win the hearts of the prospective buyers. The interiors are great to look at as well as filled with comfort. The controls of the car are also easy to handle and it is mostly automatic. The car can be driven with ease. The journey in a Mercedes is always smooth and easy. the car has a lot of space and there is sufficient leg space.The seats are very comfortable for all age type.

Srinivaqs   2015-04-24

the Mercedes is filled with comfort features as the gears are automatic and the driving of the cars becomes very easy. One can easily drive the car, as everything is automatic. The car has in-built features installed that assist the customer in parking the car and also while they are driving. There are digital cameras attached that help the person driving to look behind and drive safely. The gears are smooth and easy to handle.

Radhika   2015-04-27

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