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What are the internal measurement of this saloon car?

By: Astha on 24 december 2014

10 Answers:

This premium sedan looks truly smooth from outside, however has a considerable measure of leg and shoulder space inside. Its seats have an aggregate head space of 1048mm alongside leg and shoulder room of 540mm and 1490mm individually. While in the back seats have 1505mm of shoulder room, 972mm of head space and 508mm of extra space. This vehicle additionally has a huge 545 liter boot limit, which can be further expanded by collapsing its back seat.

Zahira   2014-12-24

Mercedes brought to you a design that does not know how to disappoint. It is 1.4 m long and 1.5 m wide. You have enough leg space as well as head space for a comfortable and safe drive. It has 545 lt boot limit which can be easily increased. According to me, it is one of the finest cars of Mercedes brand. It is a most trusted brand that always satisfies their customers. 

Sapna   2015-04-23

The performance of this car has been phenomenon and the reviews amazing. One of the major reasons for this kind of feedback is its comfort level and the overall look of the car. It has an internal dimension of 1.3X1.4m, which is enough to make you not want to leave the car. The aggregate head space is 1048mm and 540mm shoulder room. The huge boot limit, i.e. 545 lit can be expanded as well. 

Mukesh   2015-04-30

Mercedes has always been known for the comfort levels it provides and this car is no disappointment. It offers you a quality ride and easy to drive. Its dimensions are as follows:
Length: 1.4m
Breadth: 1.3m
These are standard dimension provided in almost every car now days. Really this car is an ultimate car of Mercedes that offers so many excellent features. For me, it is a best Mercedes car. 


Manvi   2015-05-03

Mercedes provide you with standard dimension of 1.4X1.3 but still somehow manages to provide a better leg and head space because of its design. It’s just amazing that the first step you take into this car can make you feel home. This car is very comfortable. Rally, company did very good job in designing this car. All engineers performed so well to make it a perfect car and all rounder car. 

Keshav   2015-05-27

The Mercedes Benz E-class have considerably large interiors, with ample amount of leg room and head room, the cabin is spacious and comfortable. The over head space on individual level is 1048mm with leg and shoulder room of 540mm and 1490 respectively. The back seats have a1505mm of shoulder room and 972mm of head space. The car is provided with a large boot of 545 liters which can be expanded

Ikagrah   2015-05-31

Mercedes is known for ultimate comfort and luxury and the Mercedes Benz just does that as well. With a dynamically large body it has spacious interiors, the leg room and head room large enough to comfortably move within, also the large cabin provides freedom to budge around. The boot space is quite large that is of 545 liters to fit in the entire extra luggage while going for an outing. 

Parth   2015-07-26

The Mercedes has a long and wide body frame which eventually helped its designers to work on the internal measurements. The car is quite spacious from inside. The 1.4m long and 1.3m wide body proves you enough leg space and head space, the boot is large with a capacity of 545 liters which can be expanded by folding the back seats. There is no compromise on the internal space anyhow.

Sushant   2015-07-24

There has always been positive reviews on the power and performance of the Mercedes Benz E- class but along with this it is also very spacious and comfortable. The overall internal dimensions of 1.4x1.5 make it quite spacious and generous. The leg, head and shoulder space is considerably good with a quite large boot of 545 liters, all this make it worth a buy for everyone looking for great quality.

Anil   2015-07-23

Mercedes Benz E-Class is a premium level sedan which looks smooth from inside, coupled with the providing considerable space on leg and shoulder side. The space measurement provide on the leg side is 1048 mm and shoulder is 540 mm

Aarav   2015-09-16

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