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How good is the suspension system of Mercedes Benz G Class ?

By: Dabbu on 22 january 2015

6 Answers:

When it comes for showing perfection in the field of automation then according to my point of view Mercedes Benz is the only brand which have this type of capability. Mercedes Benz is a famous and giant automobile manufacture who never compromise in quality as they want to give maximum satisfaction to their customers. Mercedes Benz G Class is inspired from classic Sports utility vehicle which was generally used as military vehicle, but here the twist is Mercedes Benz G Class comes with totally new design for both engine and suspension system which was not present earlier. The suspension system of Mercedes Benz G Class includes Rigid Axle for rear wheel and identical Rigid Axle for the front wheel as well, with some mountings and new placements in order to complete suspension system of Mercedes Benz G Class. If you research about the specification of suspension system mentioned above thhen you will find that this type of suspension is designed to work in extreme conditions and not only for the comfort smooth road drive which customers generally look in sports utility vehicle. Overall suspension system of Mercedes Benz G Class is blessed with stiff suspension which is capable of working in all weather conditions.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-22

The Mercedes Benz G-Class is just a perfect car in all aspects. As per my experience, Mercedes Benz brand have sufficient capability to satisfy their customers by all means. It is a biggest automobile company that focuses more on quality. This G-Class model can be considered as a military car that has new and advanced engine and suspension system. The rigid axle for rear wheel and identical rigid axle for front wheel are the new advancement of suspension in this car. 

Aman   2015-06-01

The innovative G-Class suspension system is build to provide more comfort on any terrain. Compared to conventional systems, this car has much more to offer. The smooth and comfortable driving are the main concern areas of the brand and with this car I can surely say, the ultimate car. This military vehicle offers rigid axle for the rear wheel and identical rigid axle for the front wheel which was not available in the older model. 

Amreek   2015-06-03

Suspension for guaranteed recreational fun! G-Class car uses the new design of engine and suspension system which are far better than older. With the new placement of suspension system, you would surely enjoy the comfortable and safe driving. This car allows flexibility to the body of the vehicle rendering it viable for all sorts of terrains. According to my experience, it is a perfect sports utility vehicle so go for it. 

Roomy   2015-06-08

Standard and firmer suspension. Manufacturers did excellent job with this car by providing new and advanced engine and suspension system. The G-Class model comes packed with great grip and cornering speeds. All thanks to the all-wheel drive system, heavily revised suspension. Overall, I think it is a best model of the series and I would like to recommend this car to all who are looking advanced suspension system then you will surely like it. 

Keshav   2015-06-10

The suspension thwacks away at potholes and the tires rumble mightily over broken pavement. The Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes with a suspension-system that keeps the body roll in check not just on twisty roads but steering feedback also improves as you point the nose into spiky corners. Its stiff suspension is capable enough to go smoothly in all roads and weather conditions. This military look car is an ideal car for long and smooth driving experience.


Zelan   2015-06-15

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