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By: Ramnik on 16 january 2015

5 Answers:

Well, there are a couple of solid reasons. A great sporty car to drive. The interior of this car will surely keep you at extreme levels of exclusivity and enthusiasm. The delineated descriptions of its past drivers have rendered it all the more desirable. If you wan to cherish luxury and lavish driving to your pet places, it is a must carry companion of your regular rendition with living. The normal living will be abnormal loving of life with this car.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-16

I totally vouch that it is a family car. The trips would be fully organized with it.It has got all round visibility, reverse cameras, generous mirrors takes the trouble out in crowded roads and areas. however I found too much roll in the comfort mode, better to avoid it and get the softest setting in the city. Swapping of cogs take time due to seven speed gearbox. I found the seats are heavly contoured, which might not be easing climb for any driver.The side bolsters are badly scuffed. However all in all its a nice car to go for.Cheers!

Atman   2015-01-30

Mercedes Benz G Class comes with a list of features, which makes it adoring and nobody can keep an eye away from this luxurious trim. It has all the luxurious aspects installed inside and this turns this trim into a spectacular one. The seats are heavily contoured, however, can be adjusted according to the height. The engine functions smoothly and never gasps for power at all no matter in which conditions it is being driver. Nevertheless, swapping of cogs take a little time due to the seven speed gearbox it has.

Bharat   2015-02-24

Most of the reasons to choosing Mercedes Benz G – Class would be its sport look for which it has been designed, the interior of the car is going to provide yourself with exclusive and explicit ambiance you have been looking for in your dream car.

Raghav   2015-06-17

Its basic design is almost 40 years old, it’s high and boxy, the suspension is soft, the gas mileage is scandalous, and the base price tops $120,000. But if your goal is Kardashian-level visibility, then the mighty G550 is just the ticket. It’s rocket-quick with its 416-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8, all-wheel drive, and a seven-speed automatic. The interior is full of high-tech and ample comfort. Once you’re behind the wheel is where it all begins to make good sense.

madhav rana   2015-06-23

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