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What are the features of the car Mercedes Benz G Class?

By: Maneet on 1 april 2015

7 Answers:

The car is the one luxury car which has a unique road presence. It has all features to mesmerize the cutomers at first look. But the name impression remains just for a short time and henceforth one realises that it is indeed a highly priced vehicle. Though it has got that standard but a bit lower price would have merited the similar features. It is rugged car and hence can prove to be a great off-roader despite being a luxury brand that it is affiliated to. The car is a silent at stillness and can roar like a beast with all the supercar characteristics at higher speeds. The ride quality could have been a bit more comforting than its present status.

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-01

This old school charmer SUV can attract anyone at first look. In spite of the fact that it has that standard, however a touch lower value would have justified the comparable highlights. It is a rough looking SUV and consequently can end up being an extraordinary wilderness romper notwithstanding, being an extravagance mark that it is associated with. The auto can thunder like a monster with all the super car attributes at higher velocities. The ride quality could have been some more soothing than its available status.

Sarita   2015-03-26

The great Mercedes-bens G-class is packed with a lot of features. The most efficient features of the car are the great looks. The looks matches to the standard of the luxury cars as people buy luxury cars thinking about the style and comfort factor. The car completely matches the standard of luxury cars and is becoming a favorite among the owners. Mercedes has always adhered to the standard that is quite evident in this model also.

Umesh   2015-05-21

The best feature of the car is that it looks amazing and is outstanding on the road. Good looks are the winning feature of this car. Along with the good looks, the car is also great in terms of mileage and one and the fuel efficiency of the car is very reliable.. The car is good enough to grab the eyeballs of the people as it is a luxury car coupled with mechanics and class.

Mitalli   2015-05-23

This car is an exceptional SUV as it not only looks absolutely stylish but it can be easily used for the rough roads as the tyres and the exteriors of the class are solid and are not damaged easily. One need not worry about the damages that the car might undergo, as it is very sturdy. The car is designed to last for years. The car is also considered to be pretty fuel friendly.

manik   2015-05-25

The greatest SUV of all times. The latest technologies have made this car more efficient and reliable. The people who are considering to get this car should know that the car is not only designed well but is also packed with a strong engine that gives the car great speed and fast pick up. This car is filled with a lot of features and it will never leave any user disappointed.

Vrinda   2015-05-27

Mercedes-benz has always known to be adhered to the quality standards that completely match the standards of the luxury cars. The car is given great looks. The looks are one factor that makes people have the desire to own the car. The G-class cars are known to be tough and can be easily used for tough roads and trips. The engines are strong and powerful so they would not even break down easily.

Riansh   2015-05-29

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