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What are the external dimensions of this SUV?

By: Mukherjee on 9 january 2015

11 Answers:

The automaker has designed this SUV with an overall length of 47633mm along with a total width of 1855mm, which goes up to 2055mm when the external mirrors are included. It has a total height of 1938mm, while its ground clearance comes to 217mm. The wheelbase of 2850mm is quite good. This vehicle has the kerb weight of 2550 kgs, whereas its gross weight is 3200 kgs.

Raghav   2015-01-09

The Mercedes G-class is one of the best and oldest SUV available in the class with a 40 years old model. Coming down to the dimensions of Mercedes G-class SUV, it features a length of 4662 mm with a 1760 mm width and a height of 1931 mm. The wheel base of the G-class is 2850 mm. The front and rear track is equally 1475 mm. It is a very spacious SUV and can walk off-roads with a ground clearance of 205 mm and a gross weight of 2550 KG.


naveen   2015-06-13

Nice description given by you but let me correct you Mercedes G class comes in two AMG models i.e. G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG, The G 63 AMG length is 4673 mm and height is 1938 mm height followed by 1855 mm width. The vehicle posses a width of 2690 mm with front door open and vehicle width including both mirrors is 2055 mm. It has a turning radius of 13.60 m.

Imraan   2015-06-15

Agree with the above answer. Mercedes G-class SUV comes in two different variants AMG 63 and AMG 65. The AMG 63 has been given already by my dear friend, I am G 65 AMG and their dimension is completely similar to G 65, there is no change in the dimension at all. It has a wheelbase of 2850 mm and again the same turning ratio of 13.60 as per the official website of Mercedes.

Prashant   2015-06-16

Guys the above two answers are giving the correct information about the Mercedes G class AMG, I have checked it also. It has a good height length and width, which provides the ample space for the interiors. Regarding the dimensions I have seen several websites having different data for the same model and then that drive me to the official website then I have got the right dimension. Dimension is something that used to be the same for all. Don’t know why there is so difference in the same.

Shashank   2015-06-17

Yes absolutely right, I own a Mercedes G class AMG 63 and it is a very spacious car with very good ground clearance and it is a long SUV with a very good height and width. So it provides a very good interior and boot space. It’s a five seater SUV with lots of space inside. The dimensions I have never calculated but it is very spacious and tall. There is enough leg room for the people sitting inside which can be adjusted also according to the requirement.

Omi   2015-06-19

The dimensions of the Mercedes Benz G class consist of a total body length of 47633mm, a breadth of 1855mm and height of 2055mm. it has a fairly wide wheel base of 2850mm and a ground clearance of 217mm. The Mercedes Benz has a Kerb weight of 2550 kilograms and the gross weight is up to 3200kgs. It is fairly large and bulky which makes it difficult in the traffic.

Dinesh   2015-06-23

The Mercedes Benz G-class has a classy and stylish body with hefty dimensions which includes a long body with a overall length of 47633mm, breadth of 1855mm and height of 2055mm. The wheel- base is wide that is of 2850mm with a ground clearance of 217mm which is great considering the Indian roads. The classy design and the large body frame make it stand apart from the rest of crowd.

Ankush   2015-06-03

As mentioned by above two the dimensions and mileage are pretty clear. The Mercedes G-class is a fairly large SUV with an aggressive body and comfortable interiors. The cabin space is fairly large with a good leg and head room the boot space is good as well. Apart from this the car gives a sporty edge with its engine performance and powerful acceleration and quite sizeable dimensions it cruises away. 

Mangal   2015-06-13

I agree, the Mercedes Benz G-class has got distinctive dimensions and aggressive body design. The body frame is long and classic with comfortable interiors, good head room, leg room, cabin space and boot space it makes its mark. It manages to impress a bulk mob. Apart from this the company claimed mileage seems to be very low for this segment and also it is very highly-priced as compared to Indian-market.

Santosh   2015-06-17

I agree with above answers the Mercedes Benz G-Class hefty exteriors and quite large body dimensions which same as described above. The large body frame helps the designers to work on the comfort and internal space of the SUV. The cabin is large enough with good leg room and shoulder room also the seats are wide with for more comfort reliability. The ground clearance and wheel base is considerably large.

Adil   2015-06-30

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