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How is the performance of Mercedes Benz GL -Class?

By: Purohit on 16 august 2014

3 Answers:

It’s a perfect SUV with which you are assured of full comfort and security even if you are driving in the darkest areas of forests while going on off roading.The permanent all wheel drive 4MATIC ensures dynamic handling both on-road and off-road thus increasing stability of the vehicle.Power distribution of 50:50 for front and rear. The always active 4MATIC automatically intervene in unfavourable wether conditions.such as in wet, ice or snow and distribute available torque to all four wheels.Electronic stability program and electronic traction system 4ETS with integral ABS and ASR functions provide additional support.

Mercedes Benz GL-Class Video Review

Sonal Gupta   2014-08-16

The Mercedes Benz GL is a powerful SUV that is suited to both city roads and off-road driving. It boasts of a sturdy look, which is the result of meticulous German engineering, and its interiors are remarkably spacious. The handling of the car is its major highlight, and this helps in maintaining control of the car even on rough roads. Additional support is provided by the Electronic Traction System and Electronic Stability Program.

Nishaanran   2015-01-15

The Mercedes-Benz GL has an exceptional all-round overall performance. It is one of the leading four-wheelers in the Automobile Industry. It offers a direct motor injection which comes as an added benefit that it's class has to offer with. There is also the presence of a 7 shifted speed automatic acceleration, that enables the rider driver to enjoy an awesome commuting experience. In order to add to the car's comfort factor, Mercedes-Benz has offered an aluminum fist with handcrafted leather glove. The internal cabin is quite spacious, and has a leather-lined design that appeals to the luxury of this car.

Abhiraam   2015-06-26

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