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What is the mileage of Mercedes Benz GL -Class?

By: Mahantesh on 10 june 2014

3 Answers:

The Blue effeciency concept of Mercedes Benz takes care of all possible parameters of saving fuel. Such as in Transmission the 7G Plusautomatic transmission is optimised to reduce fuel consumption. Refregerent compressor is activated only when needed thus sacing fuel.The fuel pump and driving systems are made to perform at lower power reducing fuel consumption.Optimised aerodynamics is one of the worlds best shapes with CD value of 0.35.Current consumption indicator helps for fuel effecient driving. All in all a mileage of around 11 to 12kmpl is acheived.Its the best one can get from such large capacity engines.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-06-10

Mercedes Benz uses a Blue Efficiency concept in their cars, and this concept is heavily utilized in heavy vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz GL. The concept of Blue Efficiency basically revolves around the need for saving fuel, which is vital for cars such as the GL because premium-level SUVs manufactured by Mercedes Benz are performance-oriented cars, offering little fuel economy in the process. Blue Efficiency helps in keeping the mileage stats up. The average mileage offered by the GL stands at around 12 kmpl.  

Karuna   2015-03-24

The mileage that the Mercedes Benz GL has to offer is quite impressive. It is the one of the main reasons that makes this ride provide a very high fuel economy, and as such, any user will recommend it as a fuel efficient car. The Mercedes-Benz GL has a diesel variant that offers a mileage of an approximate 9kmpl while travelling in cities; however, when this car functions on highways, the fuel efficiency goes up to as much as around 12kmpl. The petrol variant, however, comes up with a decent 7kmpl mileage in cities and a 10.9kmpl mileage on highways.

Gangadhar   2015-05-01

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