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What is the seating capacity of the Mercedes Benz GL ?

By: Majumdaar on 21 january 2015

7 Answers:

Mercedes Benz GL is the powerful sports utility vehicle from Mercedes Benz. This sports utility vehicle have tons and tons of electronic components which are working in every condition trying giving rider and driver the best driving experience. The cabin of Mercedes Benz GL is well designed with intelligently placed storage compartments which becomes very useful to store small accessories like wallet, bottles, mobile phone and lot and this spaces are all around the body and placed in such a way that there should be no compromise in terms of cabin space. The cabin of Mercedes Benz GL now can easily carry 7 passengers including driver with spacious room for leg and head. The best part of the cabin is that it is placed in the perfect driving position that driver will have a good road view which allows him to drive effectively and efficiently. The last row seats of Mercedes Benz GL are decent spaced but are not enough to house 6 ft people on them.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-21

Mercedes Benz GL is the premium SUV and this SUV have created its place to the top most famous SUV in Indian market. If you are looking for 7 seater SUV including driver then Mercedes Benz GL is the best choice for you because the spacious cabin provides perfect head room and leg room for 5 passengers while last row seats are designed for Childers only as space is compromised for fixing good amount of boot. This shows that Mercedes Benz GL have decent size seats for 7 passengers to sit in the cabin.

Randeep   2015-01-30

Mercedes GL fulfils my wishes as a car lover. It has all the features which a SUV lover looks for. Comfort, style and classy look of the car make other cars look inferior to me. The safety measure is also well taken care of. It is a car which I look for as it has all the features. It gives me an unsatisfactory mileage, but remaining the features doesn’t make me complain.

Adhiraj   2015-06-10

Even I am not very happy with the mileage of the car as it gives 8 in the city and 10 on the highway and I completely agree with this. It is an ideal car for a large group as it has 7 seats inclusive of the driver. The interiors of the car make me feel as a luxurious seater. I feel super nice about the classy look of it.

Mohinish   2015-06-12

The amazing features attract me too towards it and tempt me to buy the car like other buyers. The car performs amazingly on the highway as it has a mileage of about 10 and 8 in the city which is not too good. I totally disagree with this feature of the car only being super classy in its looks and not much as a performer. Good for comfortable and long road trips since it’s a 7 seater car.

Sumit   2015-06-15

The second name of the car Mercedes GL is style and comfort. Even I am happy with its space and classy factors, but unhappy with the mileage as it gives 8 in the city and 10 on the highways. The high priced car only gives good features apt for its looks, comfort, space but not for mileage. This is one factor that pulls me back as a buyer for this car.

Jigar   2015-06-18

I am let down by the performance factor of this car as it gives 8 mileage in the city and 10 on the highways. It sets me off completely .Its highly-priced except the classy look features of the car which it offers to all the buyers. Otherwise, the space factor of the car is absolutely amazing and the interior’s is absolutely amazing and fantastic making me want to drive the car.

Amesh   2015-06-20

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