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What are the internal dimension of this SUV?

By: Nishant on 19 december 2014

9 Answers:

This utility vehicle has a spacious cabin, as it is honored with a more extended wheelbase, tallness and width. Its front cabin has an aggregate shoulder space of 1485mm and a superior head room of 1046mm alongside a leg space of 508mm. While the second row of seats has an aggregate head space of 1015mm, legroom of 727mm and an agreeable shoulder room of 1482mm. The third line of seats has a tolerable leg, shoulder and head space of 458mm, 1282mm and 988mm individually. This vehicle is additionally honored with an extensive boot compartment, whose capacity limit can be expanded further up to 1252 liters by collapsing the third column seat.

Karishma   2014-12-19

This car provides me enough room for comfortable head space as well as boot space. A shoulder space of 1.2 m, head space of 1 m and a leg space of .6m is provided in the front cabin. The rear seats have a led space of .7 m along with 1 m and 1.4 m head and shoulder space respectively. The capacity of the boot compartment is 1252 litres which is quite good.


Bakshi   2015-02-17

One of the major reasons that this car is so popular and has managed to satisfy all its customers is because of the kind of spacing and comfort it provides. The head space and the boot space provided in both front and back cabin makes your ride utterly comfortable. In the front cabin a head space of 1046mm is provided and a leg space of 508mm. At the back there is a head space of 988mm with a leg space of 548mm.

Upen   2015-05-26

The head space and the leg space provided by the car at the front is 1046mm and 508mm respectively while at the back its close to 1046mm and 548 mm respectively. This is the secret behind why this car fails to disappoint anyone. It has stood up to its expectations and makes sure that it provides a comfortable to all its customers. According to me, it will be an ideal car for long and smooth drives.


Nikhil   2015-06-01

Well!!! I too believe in trend with the pacing world and I too agree with users; review with an immense outlook as well as superb interior which grab the attention of people. The roof rails, the lighting, cameras all as per the requirement of a driver.
Since I need my things to be perfect and so I find my Mercedes Benz GLA coping with my want. So I am happy as well as satisfied with my car.

Vipin   2015-06-10

Mercedes has never been left out in gaining the attention of user. It’s exotic look and smooth performance often greed people to empty their pocket. Above it has been mentioned in the review regarding the pit-hole problems in roads but I think the installed cameras as well as the wheels will help you to drive safely. The car has perfect dimensions for an average family either for a picnic or holiday spot with enough space for luggage.

Kantil   2015-06-21

As per my driving so far I have not received any problems that I shall report to the show room or anything like that. For me this car is a package of all the requirements that I had always wished. It lighting, interior, mileage, outlook all are just amazing. This car is easy to drive with dual auto clutch facility. This car is far better than my previous one in every aspect and I too suggest people to have this car satisfying them the same way as me.

Manoj   2015-06-30

Wow!!! GLA is such an amazing car and it has changed me a lot. Sounding strange right???? But yes the smooth buttery driving with attractive look gives me more reason for outing either receiving my cousins from school or market or any party. I am regular in my official parties which I would deny maximum in my past with my old boring car. I think one must own this car.

Astuti   2015-07-04

I do believe, if I am spending money, then I must receive good result whether its car, home or shares. This car has a good personality of its own, that also influence the personality of the owner. For me purchasing a car was a big thing and after spending the amount I have not experienced nothing such that has made me regret of my purchase. For me it’s a perfect blend of beauty and technique that shoulders with my status and as well as my job.

Jayesh   2015-07-18

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