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What are the safety features available in GLA Class?

By: Tashim on 31 october 2014

5 Answers:

 GLA Class has plenty of features on offer in both safety and comfort parameters. Withrespect to safety, you are offered with as much as seven airbags viz, front two airbags for driver and co passenger, window bags between A and C pillers, side bags for the driver,and front passenger, and the knee airbag for the driver to further reduce possible impact transfer after accident. Acceleration Skid control prevents wheels from spinning when vehicle is moving on snow covered roads or silppery roads preventing vehicle from skidding away while brakes are applied.Head lamp assist and automatic headlamp activation assists by automatically switching low beams on-onn as per situational requirment depending upon lighting conditions on the road. Thos the driver will be saved with time of wether to switch it on or not.Pleanty of other safety features are available as well.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-31

Mercedes Benz GLA–Class is equipped with premium and exquisite safety features. The compact SUV boasts 7-airbags to protect the occupants in case of collision. It also gets anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, anti-skid technology and brake assist, hill start assist and tyre pressure monitoring system for efficient braking and reducing the risk of any accident. The Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class has four disc brakes for strong braking all around and good control in any conditions. Overall, the Mercedes Benz GLA–Class is a completely safe car.

Mushaar   2015-02-20

Mercedes-Benz GLA Class has a strong bodyshell structure and robust occupant cell. It is fitted with six airbags including front, window and side airbags. Its braking system is also accompanied by ABS and Brake Assist technology. For stability of ride and easy handling, it has been fitted with functions like acceleration skid control, electronic stability programme, hill start assist etc. It also has other important features such as tyre pressure monitoring system, adaptive brake lights, engine immobiliser etc.

Bharat   2015-03-28

Mercedes Benz very rarely offers anything mediocre to its customers, and in terms of safety features in the GLA, it does not disappoint at all. A total of seven airbags, including both front and sides, have been provided for increasing protection from accidents. The GLA is adept at handling off-roads, but off-road driving can be risky if the driver is inexperienced. Skidding is quite probable, and to prevent this, an Acceleration Skid Control system has been provided. Lighting assistance such as Headlamp Activation Assist and Headlamp Assist help in gauging light conditions on-road and providing necessary light.

Dilip   2015-04-18

Excellent Ventilated disc brakes are present both at the front end and also at the rear end of the GLA-Class. The user also gets to enjoy adaptive brakes with an ABS. The GLA-Class also provides adaptive brake lights which have been included in the braking facilities. Other important and standard safety precautions that exist are an acceleration skid control, electronic stability program, a set of durable airbags, etc. Keeping in mind that a child's safety should also be assured, doors that have childproofing facility have been embedded in this model. Hence, one can completely rely on this ride's safety specifications.

Vaninadh   2015-06-24

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