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How good is the suspension system of Mercedes Benz GLA Class ?

By: Iktaan on 7 december 2014

8 Answers:

Merc is the only brand when it comes to exhibit perfection in terms of automation. I have a strong feeling that merc never compromises with quality keeping in mind the satisfaction of the end user. Mercedes-Benz GLA Class has a unique design philosophy, and has got a great suspension system. Equipped with an India specific suspension, the chassis is raised by 30 mm. This results in improved off-road capabilities thanks to a greater ground clearance of 183 mm with a higher seat position and also a striking off-road look. 

TeamAutoportal   2014-12-07

The suspension system that is offered by Mercedes Benz in the GLA has garnered lots of praise from critics. The engineers at Mercedes have worked their socks off to provide their Indian customers with a car that is ideal for Indian roads and conditions. The chassis has been raised a further 30mm than the regular version to cater to Indian masses. As a result, ground clearance is now improved and this has made the GLA perfect for driving on rough Indian roads.

Twinkle   2015-03-07

The suspension system of this car is worth a clap. It has gained a lot of praises from the customers. The chassis has been raised by 30cm thus improving the ground clearance. This car is well suited for driving in the Indian conditions without experiencing much shock and jerks. For me, it is a best ever car. Though all cars of this brand are good in some aspects but the suspension it provides can be hardly seen in any other car. 

Ikaagrah   2015-05-09

Engineers of Mercedes Benz GLA have worked day and night to produce a car that is so well suited for the Indian road conditions. It has a unique off road capability and a better ground clearance due to the increase in the height if chassis. I am a brand conscious person so i always prefer to buy Mercedes cars and this time, GLA model surprised me with its good suspension system. 

Harsh   2015-05-17

Mercedes never compromises with the quality of its car and this is what i like the most in this brand. This SUV is a perfect example for the style statement and even it enhances the reputation as well. It offers a much better ground clearance due to the increased height of chassis. A drive in this car is safe and smooth. If you are going to drive Indian roads then go for it. 

Akhil   2015-05-28

This car has Indian specific suspension system. The chaises have been raised by 30cm due to which a ground clearance of 184 mm has been provided. This car even has its steering turning and does not fail to satisfy you completely. I am using this car from the last two years and i am very its great performance on India road conditions so i would surely suggest this car to every customer. 

Nidam   2015-06-04

In Mercedes Benz GLA , we finally have a car that will run smoothly in the Indian condition and this opportunity is given by the most reliable brand Mercedes. You can overcome all the road challenges with the help of a better ground clearance due to a raised chassis and its own steer turning. With this amazing car, you can enjoy the true pleasure of driving on all road conditions without any fear. 

Kanik   2015-06-16

The Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class is essentially driven by a 1,991cc petrol motor that generates 181bhp and 300Nm of torque. It consists of a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that transfers the maximum power generated by the petrol motor to the ride's front wheels. Such an outstanding feature provides the user with the feeling of a thoroughbred Mercedes. The suspension system has the capacity to endure most surface undulations. Moreover, the presence of an increased suspension system enables the car to be known as a somewhat soft-road vehicle. In other words, the suspension system justifies the investment the user makes to acquire this ride.

Girdhari   2015-07-02

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