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GLA Class is more spacious than B-Class?

By: Shripriyan.S on 1 june 2015

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Hey Shripriyan.S !!

Yes, Mercedes Benz GLA class is more spacious than the Mercedes Benz B Class, as the GLA class is the cross over variant and the length of this cross over is 4417 mm as compared to the Benz B Class which is 4359mm long. Coming to the boot space, the Benz GLA class has more of boot space as compared to the B-Class. Both the cars have very comfortable and luxurious leather seats. There is automatic temperature control in this car, which automatically controls the temperature inside the car for the comfort of the passengers.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-06-08

The GLA class is an upgraded version of B-class. They have the same engine but GLA class is a SUV and B-class is from hatchback segment so GLA class is having better space than the B-class. Otherwise everything else is almost the same between these two cars. The dimension of GLA class is also bigger than the B-class vehicles. So GLA class is the winner in the segment with more boot space.

Jigar   2015-06-12

The B-class and GLA class hardware seems to be very close to each other. Both GLA class and B-class are 5-seater car with a 5-door option just their segment is different, The GLA class belongs to the suv family but B-class belongs to the hatch back family. In terms of boot space B-class is having boot space of 481 Liters where as GLA class is just having 421 Liter in terms of boot space. Being a hatchback this kind of spaciousness is appreciated.

Prakash   2015-06-14

I am do agree with you, B-class is spacious than the GLA class. The GLA class rear space could have been leaving more boot space but the truth is it does not have more space. So B-class is an undisputed winner in the segment in terms of the boot space. There is a price difference of 4.5 Lakhs between the two, the GLA class is costly but beaten in the space war with cheaper B-class

Prince   2015-06-15

After looking at the B-class I realized there is same engine inside both of the cars a 2.2 L engine with the 134 PS power and 300 Nm torque, And now I see the boot space of GLA class is also less than the B-class so simply I have wasted 5 lakhs of rupees as there is nothing extra ordinary which can make the GLA class priced higher. I am really disappointed with my decision

Himanshu   2015-06-16

The Mercedes GLA class is a premium segment vehicle so as the B-class; it’s just B-class is a hatchback but looks more like a SUV kind of appearance. Whereas GLA class is a SUV but looks more like a car. There might be a big concern between the pricing of these this car, as same engine same power and same features also and surprisingly more boot space than the GLA class.

Alpesh   2015-06-17

The Mercedes Benz GLA class is definitely more spacious than the Mercedes Benz B-class. The length of Mercedes Benz GLA class is 4417mm and that of B-class is 4359mm. The boot space of GLA class is also more as compared to the B-class, the GLA also takes an edge over the B-class by its comfortable and wide seats, the Mercedes Benz GLA class has more leg room and cabin space.

Ojas   2015-06-22

GLA class is an evolution of B-class with large cabin, more leg room, wide comfortable andcozy seats and to top it up with innumerable features and equipments that help making your driving experience better. Along with being more spacious than the B-class it has also got more advanced engine line up and safety features. We can say that the Mercedes Benz GLA is better than the Mercedes Benz B-class.

Azaad   2015-06-25

Being a high class SUV the Mercedes Benz GLS is high on interiors, comfort and space as compared to the B-class. Apart from the comfortable cabin and other high-tech features what I loved the most the Mercedes Benz-GLS is the 3 spoke multifunction steering wheel which is loaded with many control functions that offer almost everything on your finger tips. Also the GLA is more safe and equipped than B-class.

Mohit   2015-07-01

The Mercedes Benz GLA and the Mercedes Benz B-Class both have a cabin spacious enough to accommodate 4- 5 people comfortably, but the GLS class having a long and wide body frame is more in internal space and comfort as compared to the B-class. The cabin is large with more leg room and head space, the seat are wide and comfortable to reduce the fatigue during travelling for long distances.

Subhash   2015-07-05

The Mercedes Benz-GLA  is a highly equipped sedan, the first thing that catches an eye is the multifunction steering wheel along the music system with an high-tech CD player and equally distributed speakers which provide a fair sound quality. As compared to B-class the cabin-space is large with ample amount leg-room and head-room. The seats are electronically-adjustable and very cozy to increase the comfort level of the driver and passengers.

Ruhaan   2015-07-25

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