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How good Mercedes-Benz S-CLass is?

By: Nihan on 14 august 2014

11 Answers:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is armed with 4.7-litre 453.26bhp 32V V Type Engine which is capable of generating 453.26bhp@5250-5500rpm with peaking torque of 700Nm@1800-3500rpm where any experienced driver can drive this car to a maximum speed of 250 km/hr and most importantly this new refined engine is so perfectly mated with 7 speed automatic gear that it just take 4.8 seconds to reach 100 km/hr from standing still i.e. 0km/hr. This car not only runs quick but stops quick because of revolution-er braking system. Overall this car have all the required parameters to announce this car as the sports car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-14

Mercedes S class is a fully loaded luxury supercar which has been designed to aim the customers who wants the power of a racing car with all the loaded modern amenities and equipments. It is a powerful car which outperforms with a light appearance. The solid body car has been made with style, class and ultimate level of creativity with safety and comfort. The best part of it is its exterior which is looking like a hidden beauty.

Ashish   2015-06-04

I am thinking in the same direction, The Mercedes S class has been loaded with ultimate features and a design that is unmatched in quality, all the rival will always be thinking of its design and class. It has a Bi-turbo V8 449 HP engine can take you 0-100 in 4.8 seconds. It always outperforms in every segment whether it is exterior or interior, power or performance, smoothness or speed it has hosted its flag everywhere.

Himansh   2015-06-06

I am agreeing with the reviews above Mercedes S-class is the best car among any of its rival. I own a s-class car and whenever I come out of my home in it, I have seen people watching it very carefully, The luxury comes with it is outstanding and it’s not just good in design or performance but this car has been designed with keeping safety and security on the top of the note. It is a intelligent computer which warns you and protects you from any incoming threat or mishap by maintaining proper distance and auto stop the vehicle.

Tushar   2015-06-08

Yes I do agree, Mercedes S-class safety features are exceptional and it has capability to warn you before any mishap by intelligently and smartly sensing the environment outside with the 360degree camera installed in it, which saves you from collision or some other such threats. In terms of performance it is flawless and surprisingly very smooth over the road. It can handle all the bumps over the road without bothering you much

Mehar   2015-06-10

The performance of Mercedes Benz s-class is outstanding and marvelous; the ride quality is very smooth and easy. This vehicle has been designed to deliver power as well as comfort. I agree with the above two comments about the intelligent computer inside the S-class which senses the fatal situation that might happen and prevents that intelligently. So being an S-class owner I can say easily my car is a performer, safe and sound as well as comfortable at the same time. I Love riding in my car

Bharat   2015-06-12

The S class model series of Mercedes Benz offer 3.0- litre engine. The engine is very powerful as compared to the other cars present in the market in the same price bracket. This engine can churn a maximum torque of 620Nm. Also, it offers automatic transmission gearbox. This 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission gearbox ensures flawless high performance. Moreover the variable damping control function enables a smooth ride on every type of Indian road.

Irfaan   2015-06-22

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a performance driven car. It is one of the powerful and exciting variants from Mercedes in recent times. It is apt to be driven on plains and hilly areas alike. The car is equipped with airmatic air suspension system which is fitted to the rear and front axles. The car has bold looks and great interiors. The interiors are glossy and comfortable. Nothing can beat its style on road.

Sehransh   2015-06-24

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is worth buy car because of its luxury aspects. Not only luxury it has a lot more to offer. It has a powerful engine and great design. The interiors are superbly done with distinct finishing. It is bestowed with common rail direct injection system. It delivers a decent unbeatable mileage of 10-12 kmph. For a luxury car to deliver such mileage figures is very appreciable. It has set a benchmark in the market.

Jackkie   2015-06-26

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a car second to none. With 3.0 litre diesel engine, 6- cylinders and 24 valves there is no car in this bracket which can beat its engine. It delivers unbeatable mileage. It can achieve a top speed of almost 250kmph and takes only 6-7 seconds to reach from 0 to 100kmph. The vehicle is equipped with 7G-Tronic plus automatic transmission gearbox. Many safety features are also included in the car such as adaptive flashing LED brake light, underbody protection, cornering light function, anti lock braking system, LED intelligent light system, tyre pressure loss warning system and attention assist system.

Tapas   2015-06-28

Buying and driving luxury cars is a passion for some and dream for others. Mercedes benz has produced a series of full size and high class sedans. Nobody doubts the engineering mind behind these series of cars. The Mercedes Benz S Class is one such car. It offers an awesome driving experience. Its interiors are classy and glossy. Not only it offers appreciable mileage but also outstanding performance. The exteriors are bold and are marvellously done with chrome plating.

Nirbhay   2015-06-30

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