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What is the engine capacity of Mercedes Benz S -Class?

By: Taniya on 24 september 2014

3 Answers:

The Blue effeciency concept of Mercedes Benz takes care of all possible parameters of saving fuel. Such as in Transmission the 7G Tronic Plus automatic transmission is optimised to reduce fuel consumption. Refregerent compressor is activated only when needed thus saving fuel. The fuel pump and driving systems are made to perform at lower power reducing fuel consumption. Optimised aerodynamics is one of the worlds best shapes with CD value of 0.35.Current consumption indicator helps for fuel effecient driving. All in all a mileage of around 11 to 12kmpl is acheived in 350CDI and around 10kmpl in S 500 .It's the best one can get from such large capacity engines.


To Know More About Mercedes Benz S class

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-24

Mercedes-Benz S-class is available in a single variant for diesel and petrol each. Diesel variant features 6-cylinders 3.0 liters 24V V-type engine which is capable of producing 254.47 bhp power at 3600 rpm with an average mileage of 13.5 kmpl on highway. On the other hand, petrol variant features 8-cylinder 4.7 liters 32V V-type engine which can produce a maximum of 453bhp power at 5250 rpm with an average mileage of 7.81 kmpl. Both the models use direct fuel injection method and are equipped with 7-speed automatic transmission system which results in smooth driving experience.

Naman   2014-11-01

The S-Class of the Mercedes-Benz gets automatically tuned up, that also, in just a few minutes.. it is powered by a Bi-turbo V8 449 HP engine that provides a top-notch all-round performance to the user. It has a speed intensity of 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds. The car does not have any problem to adapt to it's engine spark and fuel, especially during combustion. Such an impeccable feature allows the engine to provide more power with very less consumption of gasoline. The engine is further accompanied by a 4-Matic transmission that generates 664 lb ft torque power and 577 hp.

Sukhdev   2015-06-26

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