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Is LPG or CNG versions available of Mercedes Benz S -Class in India?

By: Imaran on 3 september 2014

3 Answers:

Mercedes Benz's highly advanced technology used in manufacture of each and every mechanism makes the car to deliver to the perfection. An slight changes in mechanisms,can reduce the performance of engine and related mechanisms.Its not only difficul to repair, it would also be a too costly repairs.The possible savings that could have happened with fitting of LPG/CNG kit would have lost in one single repair schedule. Hence it wont be worth considering fitting a LPG/CNG kit to E Class.


To Know More About Mercedes Benz S class

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-03

Estimated gas mileage of 19mpg in city and 25mpg in highways and combined 21mpg in Mercedes Benz. Diesel engine produces 240hp and torque of 455 with seven speed automatic wheel drive. AMG performance is upgraded. Twin turbo of 4.7L estimated mileage is 15/24/18 and twin turbo of 5.5L gives mileage of 12/19/18. The S350 is the best fuel economy range of S class and simultaneously will gives you the state of luxury. 

Visham   2015-05-17

LPG or CNG version of this car is not available but one can fit it as per his or her requirement but it can reduce the efficiency of the high power engine and may affect the smooth flow of the car.

Kajol   2015-07-24

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