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Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Overview

It is unfair to refer to some vehicles as just cars. They have enough impact on the world which made the world fondly call them as icons. Iconic in terms of technological but mostly cultural impact they create on the world. Be it a silhouette resembling cars on billboards and posters or simply a dream to many automobile fanatics. Mini Cooper is one such legendary car. It is the passion and symbol for luxury of many generations. Mini Cooper is one of the rare breed of automobiles that escalated from being just a commuter to something even more amazing, a lifestyle symbol. Over the last fifty years since its inception, the vehicle actually started out to be an economy car but over the years it started catering itself to a niche segment. Would it compete with the fastest car in the market? No. Would it equal the comfort of the most luxurious vehicle in the market? Probably not. Does it matter? Definitely No. Because one owns a Mini Cooper for the heritage it brings rather than the commuting aspect of it. The vehicle is a living legend and the real laurels go to the manufacturers for keeping the true Mini DNA intact despite technological modifications added to it.
Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Overview

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Exterior

If one belongs to a rare automobile universe where they saw Maruti Suzuki Swift before Mini, they might find quite a few similarities between both the vehicles. The entire side profile, the way the roof is connected with the main body and the structure in terms of side window alignment etc. have a lot to look back to. However this entire similarity goes down drain once the front fascia is seen. The front fascia of Mini Cooper is a pure no monkey business. It gets down to the basics and offers only what is essential and offers them in required amounts. The headlamps for instance retain the vintage appeal with their semi oval shape and bug appeal on the almost corners of the vehicle. The front grille is a simple structure with not much hype to steal the show. Its good old automobile engineering and that’s probably what is most appreciated of the vehicle. With an overall length of 3723 mm and a height of 1407 mm, the vehicle is nothing short of a compact vehicles way before they became cool. The width of the vehicle is 1683 mm offering us an estimate of the interior spacing too.
Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Exterior
The car’s front bumper is of the same colour as the main body. The fog lamps are positioned to be in perfect sync with the headlamps and the same goes for air vents with respect to the front grill. The front bonnet is a relatively plain design with no extraordinary curves and embellishments. It comes with race car stripes in the middle as a design element. Now tracing the observation back to side profile, it is iconic. In a way it can be said that Mini Cooper was a pioneer in the hatchback car designs. The subtle no boot extension design laid roots to many successful cars over the years. The side profile houses a black shaded border extending the vehicle. While it is not exactly a mud guard it does add in to the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle. A slight chrome lining extends from the front to the rear just under the window and windshield panels. All in all, there’s nothing to not like or complain about the iconic Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Interior

The 1407 mm height and the 1683 mm width should act as a testament to the interior comfort. The interior spacing of the vehicle is decent enough to suit its iconic stature. Hailing from an era when Rock and Roll was in its nascent stages and metal was still breeding in some garage, the interiors have a stylish seating arrangement. With only two doors up front, the front row is folded to let passengers sit in the rear row. This partly crams the leg room in the rear row but it is acceptable considering the unique feel the riding experience a Mini Cooper has to offer. The elliptical door rims in the interiors offer an elegant appeal to the vehicle. Instead of traditional method, the Mini engine could be started by a button. The speedometer is positioned in the centre and its large structure adds to the design brilliance of the vehicle. However, the same section might also contain an entertainment and navigation functions as an options.
Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Interior

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Engine & Transmission

The heart of the Mini Cooper is the 1.6 litre Petrol engine. With enough capacity to power the Mini aptly enough to rule the streets in its own way, the vehicle gives its unique sound during the engine start. The engine is powerful enough to offer a 120.7 bhp of maximum output at 6000rpm while the torque reaches a peak of 160 Nm at 4250rpm. The automatic transmission in the vehicle adds up to the already amazing design structure. The engine has four cylinders with two valves per cylinder all of which help in generating just the perfect amount of power output.

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Mileage

The four cylindered engine powers not just an iconic vehicle but essentially what started off to be an economy vehicle. Staying true to this very vision, the Mini Cooper offers what is arguably a very impressive mileage for an international iconic car. Running on petrol, the car is capable of offering 10.3 kmpl mileage in city while the same reaches 15.6 kmpl. Despite the apparent mini size of the vehicle, it comfortably houses a 40 litre capacity.

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Braking and Safety

Again in terms of safety, the vehicle hits all the right scores. Be it the anti lock braking system or the central locking. The vehicle has all the safety features which are both essential as well as too minute to ignore. The child safety locks, adjustable seats, rear seat belts and power door locks come handy as regular utility based safety tools. However passenger airbag, side airbag in the rear section, crash sensor, brake assist, driver and side airbag in the front, engine immobilizer, engine check warning make up for the quintessential safety features of the vehicle. And though the vehicle has a compact structure, catering to a niche segment enabled it to take manufacturing liberties to offer the best of materials in the manufacturing since price constraints no longer seem an issue.

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Performance and Handling

When a car is offered for 2.79 crores as a base price, it is expected to perform exceptionally well and Mini Cooper does just that. The car hits a top speed of 197 kmph and the pick up is remarkably good. The Mini Cooper hits the mark of 100 in a matter of mere 10.4 seconds. With the visually fragile body of its, the beauty of watching a Mini Cooper running on the roads effortlessly is simply priceless and the feel of being the one behind the wheel when that very same ride happens is absolutely beyond words.

What do we think about Mini Cooper 2012-2014?

It is a remarkable car, it offers unmatched features. They may not be the best in the business compared to high end vehicles from other major manufacturers, but everything a Mini Cooper offers is unique. The style, the performance, the engine roar and even the subtle details in the interiors. Everything is made in rock and hard to replicate for anyone anytime soon. Go for it if you value the automobile heritage.
Mini Cooper 2012-2014 What do we think about

Mini Cooper 2012-2014 Competitors

Mini Cooper has no competition. Essentially its apples and oranges, one can not call football a competition to basketball. They cater to individuals who have certain interests which are beyond the regular categorized markets one might find of regular sedans, etc. But if one has to pick a specific competition, it will trace back to an old comparison. Volkswagen Beetle might be called as a competition to this vehicle. However the sales of both the vehicles are limited to niche segments so as mentioned earlier, individual vehicle’s sales are highly unlikely to effect the other’s sales.

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