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Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Overview

There are cars and there are legends. Mini Cooper S is an iconic vehicle, which over the years, created a lineage for itself and managed to create enough cultural impact to last for decades. Owning a Mini is no longer about commuting, it is more about owning a piece of history. Though the production of the car started way back in 1959, the availability of the car has transitioned from being an economy class vehicle to a luxury niche segment vehicle over the years.
It is interesting to notice that despite the years of technological advances, Mini proved to be arguably the most impressive vehicle because it was able to retain the true DNA of the vehicle over the years without any major design change. Sure, the vehicle design seems a little more refined with every new edition but none of it really hinders the basic shapes in any of those facelifts. Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Overview
Even the interiors are made more comfortable and stylish without changing the alignment and structure at core. The front row still needs to be bent to enable passengers to sit in rear row and the car still takes swift turns in the busy streets due to its compact design. Among all the Minis, the Mini Cooper S offers a remarkable mix of performance and design and it sure is a sight to be seen and a ride to be ridden.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Exterior

The car is clearly built on an all new platform and the specifications of the car in the exteriors are just impressive. The new Mini Cooper S built some muscle over the years and the latest model fills out the mould perfectly. The front fascia features the bug eye shaped headlamps which blend with the main body frame. Chrome borders can be seen at each and every key element of the vehicle.
Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Exterior
The headlamps, front grille, the entire top section above just below the windshield and windows, all of this offers a certain amount of apt bling to the legendary vehicle design. The overall width of the vehicle is 1683 mm while the entire length extends to 3714 mm. The height of the vehicle however is 1407 mm, similar to that of the Mini Cooper. These dimensions explain the interior spacing as well as exterior compactness of the vehicle at the same time. The front fascia has a bonnet that is not too long in length and simply extends to the apt amount of length. The fog lights in the front are offered exactly in sync with the headlamps while the air vents are offered right under the front grille. The fog lights are also offered in the rear. The rain sensing wiper makes the drives even more convenient. A window defogger is offered for the rear section and features like sun roof, alloy wheels, power antenna and power adjustable exterior rear view mirror all in all offer a perfect mixture by giving best of features in the vehicle that make it not just convenient but also a compelling buy.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Interior

Beauty. The one word that encapsulates everything Mini Cooper S has to offer. The vehicle is not just a legend but it also offers the best of features in its interiors. With best in class air conditioning and a heater, the vehicle manages to offer decent interior temperature despite the tropical heat outside.
Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Interior
The sunroof is big enough to let a passenger through. The leather seating and steering wheel offer an exceptionally luxurious interior appeal. The central speedometer is quite big to be observed at the same time offers a digital area to control the vehicle properties with ease. Additional up gradation of the vehicle comes as a choice however.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Engine & Transmission

Iconic cars call for iconic engines. The Mini Cooper S comes with a 1.6 litre petrol engine. While the capacity seems same in both Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S, the engine is tweaked for better performance.
Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Engine & Transmission
Instead of the 120.7bhp of Mini Cooper, the Mini Cooper convertible is capable of offering an impressive output of 181bhp at 5500 rpm while the torque reaches a peak of 240 Nm at 1600 rpm to 5000 rpm. The engine configuration otherwise seems the same with the similar four cylinder structure and two individual valves per cylinder.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Mileage

The vehicle comes with increased power which slightly dampens the mileage aspect. This 1.6 litre petrol engine delivers a mileage of 9.3kmpl for city roads while the same for highways reaches 13.6kmpl. The fuel tank capacity of the vehicle is a whopping 50 litres so there is hardly any question of running out of fuel on long rides.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Braking and Safety

Mini Cooper S is a remarkable vehicle and actually a rather safe one too. Instead of sticking to its compact persona, the car is like a rock solid SUV when it comes to strength. The superior durability of the vehicle assures its safety criteria however it’s the added features along with the structure which make the vehicle a definite safe vehicle to ride. These additional features include Anti Lock Braking System, Passenger airbag and side air bag in the front as well as rear section, crash sensor, brake assist, driver airbag, engine immobilizer and engine check warning. All these make sure the mechanics of the vehicle function properly and the individuals are assure safety even in collision impacts. However features like Central Locking, Child Safety Locks, Rear Seat Belts and Power Door Locks offer not just mild safety but basic convenience to the commuters. These features assure the vehicle is a bit more fun and modern in its directly interactive feature set.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Performance and Handling

The Mini Cooper S reaches a top speed of a whopping 223kmph while the time taken to reach a peak of 100kmph is just a matter of 7.2 seconds. The power steering and automatic transmission allow for a smooth travel. The car offers what is arguably the best suspension system. The Dynamic Damper Control is an adaptive suspension system that offers Eco mode, normal mode and a sport mode to suit to individual everyday driving styles. Though one might not find significant difference between these modes, with long rides and under different terrain specifications, the difference can be clearly observed.

What do we think about Mini Cooper S (2014-2015)?

Go for a Mini Cooper S if what you are looking for is a vehicle with the perfect blend of vintage and modern technology. Sharing the same DNA as its 1959 ancestor, the Mini Cooper S offers equally compelling technology in the interior as well as at the engine level. Not to forget the impressive power output and pick up. While there are thousands of cars that one could replace Mini Cooper S with, none of them could replicate the heritage a Mini brings.

Mini Cooper S (2014-2015) Competitors

Volkswagen Beetle can be named as a prime competitor of the vehicle. Though specific competition is hard to exist when a car is catering only a niche segment. If one prefers Mini Cooper S, their usual choices extend to other Minis such as Mini Cooper, Mini Convertible, Mini Countryman. If any competition exists its between these. If price is a factor for a buyer, Mini Cooper might seem a better option though it has a reduced performance. Priced at 3.15 crores which is definitely pricey than the 2.79 crores tag of Mini Cooper.

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