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How to maintain a Mini Cooper Countryman for long term usage?

By: Rajat on 15 november 2014

7 Answers:

The Mini cooper countryman is from one of the best carmakers in the world but these are still machines and we cant expect them to be fit forever. In our long term tests we found that the sound of the car may include rattling sounds after a couple of years or so and must be attended to by proper oiling and retuning of the concerned parts, it's quickness might be compromised as it can take longer times to reach top speed, also the brake pads are to be changed. Though many of these are covered by the company and does not account much, you also should keep an eye on these and the car will serve you an eternity.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-15

The Mini Cooper is from one of the best car makers on the world yet we should not forget like all things, these to get worn out with prolonged usage and it is highly unlikely to anticipate that they will be fit for all the time. From our experience, it is probable that after three years, you might hear rattling sounds, which could be easily resolved by proper oiling and changing the worn out parts. Similarly, the brake cushions are to be changed. In addition, engine oil and brake fluid is to be checked regularly for getting the optimum performance.

Naman   2014-11-21

The mini cooper is a very expensive car and thus it needs to be maintained in a proper way so that the car lasts for a very long time. there are certain things that the owner must do to be able to keep the car in excellent working condition. The first thing to do is that the car must be given proper oiling and must also be sent for regular servicing.

Rihan   2015-07-16

The mini cooper countryman is an expensive car and everybody who owns it needs to put in a lot of effort to keep the car in good working condition. The first thing to do is to clean the car regularly and also to send it for car washing. The car also requires regular maintenance so that the engine functions well. The car is expensive and thus it must be kept in best conditions.

Sagrika   2015-07-18

The car is very expensive and anybody who purchases it will obviously want to retain the car in the best condition. The owner must in turn take care of the car, only then they will be able to make full use of the car. The features of the car must be retunes every now and then. The best way to maintain such cars is to send them for regular servicing and maintenance.

Gauri   2015-07-20

Some personal attention and some professional attention will do a great deal of good to the owner of a luxury car like the mini cooper countryman. The person must send the car for regular servicing to keep all the parts of the car intact and in good condition. They must also wash the car themselves or send it for washing. These little steps will make the car stay for very lo

Jigar   2015-07-22

We are providing customers with all sorts of guidance pertaining to Mini Countryman as during the usage of the car it produces a rattling sound which can easily be attended through proper oiling and exchange of the defective parts. We don’t compromise on our service availability to the customers.

Niyat   2015-09-24

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