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Which one to choose between Mini cooper countryman and BMW X1?

By: Swati on 20 november 2014

7 Answers:

The BMW X1 is the crossover compact SUV from British house and accounts for the entry level luxury car segment. It has got all the looks and interiors feel luxury and premium. The car is present with diesel engine only producing 184bhp power and 380Nm torque but as countryman gives both the options in engines, it gets more fan following. The diesel version produces 112bhp and 270Nm torque while petrol version produces 98bhp power and 153Nm torque. Also, Mini runs more km per litre and has very easy steering and handling compared to X1. Both are classy vehicles but the Countryman is better.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-20

Mini Countryman is a very trustworthy brand with some great features. The exterior and interior design of the car are both soo very innovative. You will just fall in love with the features and the design. The exterior is very well planned and executed with precision. If you love driving, you will never feel like leaving this care alone! Mini has more mileage than BMW X1, definitely Mini Countryman is better!

Piyush   2015-04-16

Definitely, according to me, Mini Countryman is the second name of comfort and super secure and convenient. I own a Mini Countryman Cooper D, speaking of the car; it has wide sun roof and rails, adjustable OVRM, rain sensing wiper and alloy wheels which makes your ride extremely smooth. I have been driving the car for 3 months now, and the performance has been dynamic.

Gautam   2015-04-19

The comparison would not be honest here as BMW X1 will be leading here due to the BMW quality and SUV segment. The BMW is running on a economical fuel diesel, with producing more power than the Mini cooper countryman with better boot space and storage space along with a super look and feel as well. BMW is bigger in all the areas. If I have to choose between the two I will go for BMW only instead of getting a low space hatchback.

Himanshu   2015-04-15

I am agreeing also, the cooper may a choice for those who are after the small car utility with all the driving inside the highly trafficked city. I am not saying Cooper is bad but as per my friend above the comparison would not be honest at all as BMW is an SUV and the cooper is a hatchback. Even BMW is more powerful than cooper with a 2.0 L diesel engine whereas Copper is 1.6 L petrol engine with lower mileage and performance.

Surja   2015-06-07

It completely depends on your requirements as both BMW X1 and Mini Countryman both are very good vehicles and they have already proven their performance across the globe. Both vehicles are from different segment, BMW X1 is a compact luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), while Mini Countryman is a luxury and classy hatchback with very powerful engine.

Nimish   2015-08-14

I agree with Paresh, Siya and Ankit. I think or I say We think BMW X1 is a better option. There is no second thought that both of the brands are trustworthy but BMW X1 seems a better option because it has got a sporty suspension, precise steering, and a spirited engine. The X1 offers a roomy interior that is handsomely appointed and quiet.

roshan lal   2015-08-18

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