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What are the features available for easy handling of this car?

By: Javed on 6 february 2015

2 Answers:

Driving is made easy with paddle shifters for easy gear changing in the automatic transmission, Dual Auto AC spreads uniform and effective air conditioning spreads cool breeze and makes the driver have calm and comoosed posture all along the drive.Rear camera and display makes way easy for paking of the vehicle.sporty steering wheel with audio controls gets good grip. Navigation features with MID and bluetooth connectivity.Double wishbone coil spring suspension makes it easy to handle the car in all road conditions and infact makes a good drive even where there is no prescribed path for driving vehicle such as in forests.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-06

It is bestowed with a proficient suspension system that will help to keep it stable on any road conditions. The front axle is assembled with a double wishbone and there is a 3-link coil spring type of system used for the rear one. Both of them are further loaded with stabilizer bars that help it in dealing with jerks caused on uneven roads. This SUV is designed to climb over and around the most formidable terrain with utmost ease. It also has a remarkably tight 5.6-meter minimum turning radius, which gives the ability to maneuver and turn through smaller places easily.

Rudra   2015-02-19

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