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Which car should I buy; the new Toyota Fortuner, present Fortuner, Toyota Innova Crysta or Mitsubishi Pajero? My confusion is owing to the fact that the Pajero rides well but Toyota has an excellent quality assurance across India.

By: Arden on 22 july 2016

1 Answers:

To begin with, the three SUV’s that you have mentioned have a vast difference in pricing. The Toyota Innova Crysta top variant is priced at Rs. 20.81 Lakhs whereas the base variants of Toyota Fortuner and Mistubishi Pajero are priced at Rs. 25.18 Lakhs and Rs. 27.39 Lakhs respectively. So your first and foremost criteria for shortlisting can be the budget aspect.

The all new Toyota innova Crysta is equipped with a lot of features and has superbly well done interiors which are not available in either, the Fortuner or the Pajero. The new Innova has been equipped with a 2.4 litre and a 2.8 litre engine options depending upon the variant you pick whereas the Fortuner has a 2.5 litre and 3.0 litre powerful engine options. The new Fortuner is yet not revealed officially therefore one can’t really compare it as of now. Currently it’s expected to come in next year but there is no certainty regarding the same. Coming back to the power train; the final contender on your list, Mitsubishi Pajero features a 2.5 Litre engine in all of its variants. The Bhp of the Innova Crysta has been increased to 174 to match its two competitors in this segment. In terms of ground clearance it falls behind the others with 165mm clearance whereas the Fortuner and Pajero are both around the 215mm high from the ground. In terms of features however, each is equivalent to the other with not much differences barring a few.

Now the major difference, like you said, is the fact that Pajero rides and handles well but the brand reliability isn’t as strong as what Toyota is offering in India. In my opinion, this is a very important criterion. Therefore, you should consider the facts that Toyota offers reliability, they have a better service network and a better cost of running as well as maintenance as compared to Mitsubishi in India. Therefore, I would say that either you wait for the new Fortuner because it will definitely have more advanced features and it might offer something pretty exciting. However, one can’t assure you as to how long this wait will be. So, if you wish to buy a SUV right away then go in for the Toyota Innova Crysta without a doubt and if you can wait then Fortuner might have something pretty good to offer to you. However, if you have the budget to buy and maintain a Pajero then it is a mighty vehicle that has an excellent road presence.  


Nikhil    2016-07-22

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