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Air conditioner of my Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is not working properly, what may be the reason?

By: Lyn on 2 january 2017

1 Answers:

I cannot say anything for sure without checking your car’s AC as there may be many causes of improper AC functioning like:

• Low Refrigerant level.
• Compressor has cracked or damaged belt, defective clutch, inactive pressure switches or idle valves.
• Failed blower motor or blower motor resistor.
• Damaged or failed condenser or evaporator.
• Core case seals, blower house seals or evaporator core case seals; All can open up and diminish air flow. A/C ventilation systems are very sensitive and must remain sealed. Once they’re opened, the whole system is compromised.
• Failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid.
• Hose has come loose. This usually happens with the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit.

I advise you to take your car to your local service center for proper diagnosis of cause & repair.

yash   2017-01-02

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