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About Nissan Cars

Founded in 1934, by Masujiro Hashimoto and Kenjiro Den. The founders of the company are such as Rokuro Aoyama, Yoshisuke Aikawa, Meitaro Takeuchi and Nishi-Ku and Yokohama of Japan. The officially registered headquarters of Nissan is at Kanagawa Ku, in Yokohama, in Kanagawa and it serving around Worldwide. The key people of Nissan are such as Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn, President and COO Toshiyuki Shiga. Forklift Trucks, Outboard Motors and Automobiles are some products of Nissan. The production output in the year 2012 is about 4889379 units, revenue of 8.773 trillion during 2011, 462.92 billion of operating income during 2011, profit of 19.22 billion during 2011, total assets of 10.736 trillion during 2011, total equity of 2.943 trillion in the year 2011. It employs to around 155099 during the year 2011. Datsun, NISMO and Infiniti are some divisions of Nissan.

The usually shortened Nissan is abbreviated as Nissan Motor Company Limited, which is a multinational automobile manufacturer of Japan. Nissan Motor Company limited is one of the major core members of the Nissan Group, but after its restructuring it has become lot more independent under the CEO Carlos Ghosn.      

Behind Ford, Hyundai Motor Group, Toyota, Volkswagen Group and General Motors in 2011 in ascending order, the Nissan Motor Company Limited is the world’s 6th largest automobile manufacturer. Under the brand name Datsun it is formally markets its vehicles. The global headquarters of company as of 2011 is located in Nishi Ku, in Yokohama. Nissan in the year 1999 entered into a 2 way mutual business enterprise with France’s Renualt S.A that owns Nissan’s 43.4 % stake while Renault’s 15 % share holding by Nissan, as of the year 2008. Nissan produces a luxury range of models along with models of normal range, which is branded as Infiniti.

The VQ engines of Nissan, with configurations of V6, have been featured in the best engines of Ward’s 10 for consecutive 14 years.    

History of Nissan

In the year 1911, the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded by Masujiro Hashimoto. The first ever car of the company was produced in the year 1914, called DAT.

The car’s new name was the family names of company’s investors’ acronym:

D for Kenjiro Den

A for Rokuro Aoyama

T for Meitaro Takeuchi

In the year 1918, to Kwaishinsha Motorcar CO., Limited it was renamed, and in the year 1925 again to DAT Motorcar Co. In addition to the passenger cars of Datsun and DAT, the trucks were built by DAT Motors. The output’s vast majority were trucks, owing to an approximately nonexistent market of consumer for passenger’s cars during that time. In the 1918’s beginning, the first trucks of DAT were produced for the market of military. It was military market’s low demand during the 1920s, which forced in the year 1926 to merge with 2nd most successful maker of truck of Japan’s Jitsuyo Motors.

DAT Motors which was a Tokyo based automaker in the year 1926 merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Corporation limited which was Osaka based automaker a.k.a Jitsuyo Motors established in the year 1919, as a subsidiary of Kubota in order to become DAT automobile manufacturing Corporation limited until 1932 in Osaka. In the year 1920 the 3 wheeled vehicle’s production were started by Jitsuya Motors with an enclosed taxicab known as Gorham, and it produced a version of 4 wheeled vehicle in the following year. Light trucks and cars were produced by the company from 1923 to 1925 under the brand name Lila.

DAT in the year 1931 came out with the first “Datsun” which is a new small car that means “son of DAT”. After the controls of DAT motors took by Nissan in the later year 1933, the Datson’s last syllable was changed to “Sun”, for the reason that “Son” means “Loss” in Japanese language; hence it was changed to Datsun. The name of company was changed to Jidosha Seize Corporation limited from Nipponized in the year 1933, and later it was moved to Yokohama.

The name Nissan which was first used during 1930s

Yoshisuke Aikawa in the year 1928 founded the holding company Nippon Industries or Japan Industries. The Nissan name originated during the abbreviation used in the stock market of Tokyo for Nippon Sangyo during 1930s. Yoshisuke Aikawa company was famous Nissan Zaibatsu combined which included Hitachi and Tobata Casting. Nissan controlled Auto parts and foundries business at this time, but Aikawa did not enter into manufacturing of automobiles until 1933.

Eventually Nissan grew to take account of 74 firms, and during World War II it became 4th largest manufacturer of automobiles in combine in Japan.

Aikawa in the year 1930 purchased the DAT Motors’s controlling shares, and then it merged in the year 1933 with automobile parts department of Tobata Casting with DAT Motors. As Tobata Casting was a company of Nissan, it was just the beginning of automobile manufacturing of Nissan.

In the year 1934 Nissan Motor was founded

Aikawa in the year 1934 expanded the tobata casting’s automobile parts division and as a new subsidiary it incorporated it, after its separation, which he named it as Nissan Motor Corporation limited. The new company’s shareholders were however not enthusiastic about the automobiles prospects in Japan, so Aikawa brought all the shareholders of Tobata Casting in the year 1934 on the June month. The company was called as Nissan Heavy Industries Corporation from 1947 to till 1948.

Early American connection of Nissan

The chief engineer of Kubota, American engineer William R Gorham was inherited by DAT. This, along with 1908’s Aikawa’s inspiring visit to Detroit, was to affect greatly the future of Nissan.

Even though it had always been intention of Aikawa to use America’s auto making cutting edge technology, the plan was carried out by Gorham. All the vehicle designs, machinery designs and designs of engines originally came from United States of America. From the factory of Graham, much tooling came, and Nissan had a license of graham under which manufacturing of trucks were carried out. Mitsubishi imported the machinery into Japan on behalf of Nissan Motor Co., limited, which went into 1st factory of the Yokohama for producing cars.

Austin Motor Company

Datsun from 1934 under the license from Austin Motors began to manufacture Austin Sevens. The Seven’s overseas licensing of Austin became great success and marked the Datsun’s beginning international success. Nissan in the year 1930 began producing Austin Sevens through the authority of their license is debated at that time. After the Nissan’s success, Isuzu and Hino followed to partner with Hillman and Renault respectively.

The Japan’s Nissan motor company entered into an officially authorized agreement in the year 1952 with Austin, in order to assemble 2000 Austin’s by Nissan from partially assembled sets of imported and sell under the trademark of Austin in Japan. For Nissan this agreement called to manufacture all parts of Austin locally within for 3 years, which a goal met successfully by Nissan. Austin was Produced and marketed by Nissan for more than seven years. The Nissan also got the rights from the agreement to use patents of Austin that Nissan used for developing own engines for line of cars of Datsun. The British built Austins in the year 1953 were brought together and sold, but the Austin A50 in the year 1955 which was built completely by Nissan features a quietly larger body with new powerful engine of 1489 cc displacement, was on the Japan’s market. Nissan had produced about 20855 Asutins during the years 1953 to 1959.

Nissan leveraged the patents of Austin for developing their own designs of modern engines past what the Austin’s B and A-family designs offered. The Austin derived engine’s apex was the A series engine’s new design in the year 1967. Nissan also in the year 1967 introduced it’s highly advanced new 4 cylinder OHC (overhead cam) Nissan L engine, which was alike to OHC designs of Mercedes Benz that was totally Nissan’s new design of engine. The new Datsun 510 was powered by this engine, in the worldwide which gained respect for Nissan in the market of sedan. Nissan then in 1969 introduced the sports car Datsun 240Z which employed a 6 cylinder variation of engines of the L series. The variant 240Z was an in need of attention consciousness and that lifted the Nissan in the automobile market to world class status.

Joining hands with prince motor company

Nissan during the year 1966 joined its hands with the prince motor company, carrying more high-class cars, including the Nissan Gloria and Nissan Skyline, into its product line. The name prince was abandoned eventually and successive Glorias and Skylines bore the bore of Nissan. At the dealership of Japanese Nissan, prince was used until 1999 as “Nissan prince Shop”, later Nissan Red Stage put back it. As of 2007, itself the Nissan Red Stage has been replaced. The result of vehicles of prince development and manufacturing, such as the Skyline and Gloria be in this world on in the worldwide well-known trademark, Infiniti.

Foreign expansion

Nissan during 1950s decided to expand into markets of worldwide. The management of Nissan realized its small car line of Datsun, which would fill an unmet requirement of markets such as the world’s largest market of car, the United States and Australia. A US subsidiary was formed by the company, Nissan Motor Corporation USA., in the year 1959, which was headed by Yutaka Katayama. With the latest advancements in technology and chic Italianate styling in cars of sporty such as race winner 411 Series, Datsun Fairlady roadster, class world Datsun 240Z and Datsun 510, Nissan continued for improving in its sedan class cars and they had become the largest exporters of the world’s in automobiles by 1970.

In the 1963’s oil crisis wake, worldwide consumers especially in the market of lucrative United States began producing high quality cars of small economy. In order to meet the demand of growing market, new factories were built in South Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, and in Mexico by the Nissan Company.

Relationship with motor company of ford

Nissan from 1993 to until 2002 partnered with ford in order for the Nissan Quest and Mercury Villager’s market. With all similar parts 2 minivans were manufactured and were practically one and the same to the side from several differences of cosmetic. The villager was discontinued by ford in the year 2002 to make room for its Montery and Freestar. In the year 2004 the Quest’s new version was brought by Nissan that was designed in plant and to models of ford it will no longer not interested to continue relation. After the mutual business enterprise with Quest, after 20 years, Ford would be a rival to Nissan to supply taxis for the city of New York. Over the Transit Connect of Ford the NV200 of Nissan was chosen.

Nissan in the year 1992 relaunched its 4 wheel drive Terrano, which was mechanically and cosmetically similar to variant Maverick of Ford. Both cars were designed and manufactured in Spain. Even though the Ford’s Maverick was discontinued in the year 1998 because of the disappointing sales, Terrano of Nissan was strong seller and stayed behind in production until the year 2005, when Nissan Pathfinder replaced it.


The Titan of Nissan, which was the first ever truck of Nissan was unveiled the year 2004, as size full pickup truck manufactured for the market of North America, this truck shared the platforms of Nissan F Alpha with the Infiniti QX56 Sport Utility Vehicles and the Nissan Armada.

The titan featured a VK56DE V8 cylinder engine with 32 valves, generating 317 maximum hp, and capable of towing 9500 pounds approximately. The titan comes in 4 basic trim levels such as LE, Pro 4X, SE and as XE; it will be for 2011 as SV, S, SL and PRO 4X. The level of trim indicates the combination of truck’s features. As the full size best truck, it was registered by For the Truck of the year award of North America for 2004 season, the titan was chosen.

Alliance with Renault

With Nissan facing severe difficulties in financial aspects during the year 1999, Nissan moved for an alliance with France’s Renault S.A.

On the 27th of March month in the year 1999, the Renault Nissan alliance was signed and it was for the first time that a Japanese and French manufacturer of car involved in such a kind, each with their own brand identity and distinct corporate culture. The Renault in the same year appointed Carlos Ghosn, who was their COO (Chief Operating Officer) as a new COO of Nissan and a 22.5 % stake was taken in Nissan diesel. Nissan later that year fired its top executives of Japan.

The Nissan Renault alliance has progressed for over years to holding of Renault’s 44.3 % of shares of Nissan, on the other hand 15 % of shares of Renault hold by Nissan, which does not a single voting to Nissan or representation of board due to France’s legal restrictions.

Alliance’s expansion to include both Renault and Daimler

On the 7th of April month in the year 2010, a 3.9 % holding of share of Daimler AG was exchanged from both Renault and Nissan. For the increased sharing of development costs and technology, this triple alliance agrees to mutual development and encourages global cooperation. With the Daimler’s alliance, it is supposed to have a center of attention on electric/battery technologies.     

Nissan computer Corporation v/s Nissan Motor Corporation

In the year 1999 on December month, Nissan motors instituted a legal action seeking 10000000 USD in damages from president of Nissan Computer Uzi Nissan. Uzi Nissan in the year 2002 on December month was handed an injunction order confining to his use of the name Nissan and the domains and which he owns.

The ninth circuit court of appeals in the year 2004 allowed Nissan Computer for appealing the case, which effected in turnaround of some findings previously in act of kindness of Nissan motors. 

On 5th of February month in the year 2008, for the case a final judgement was entered, with Nissan Computer being honored costs and neither prevailing of party. Following the immediate ruling, a trademark application was filed by Nissan for computer equipments in 2008 on the month of March.

Current developments

Nissan in the year 2010 announced that Toyota based hybrid technology is no longer it would continue.

The Daimler AG on the 7th of April in the year 2010 exchanged its holdings share of 3.9 % from both Renault and Nissan. This alliance of triple allows for the boosted sharing of development and technology costs, encouraging mutual development and global cooperation.

The Nissan Qashqai and Note in the United Kingdom are produced at their factory in UK in Washington, in Tyne and Wear. It was announced on the 9th of January in 2009 that 1200 jobs were about to be cut at the plant in Washington. On the reasons of economy, including a recession in the market of car selling, the decision was held responsible. Senior vice president for manufacturing of Nissan in Europe, Trevor Mann, announced that the company was sizing right our operations to the demand of market.

At Roslyn, in Pretoria, in South Africa, it also produces its cars at its plant.

The North American plant’s headquarters of Nissan was relocated from California’s Gardena to the newly area Nashville, in Tennessee on the month of July in the year 2006. The Nissan Americas new headquarters was dedicated on the month of July in the year 2008, in Cool Springs of Nashville, in Tennessee. In the facility currently about 1500 approximate employees are working.

General Motors on the 30th of June month in the year 2006 called together an emergency meeting of board for discussing a proposal by Kirk Kerkorian, who was a shareholder for forming a mutual business enterprise between Renault Nissan and General Motors. However on the 4th of October month in the year 2006, Nissan and GM terminated talks due to the gap between the 2 companies compensation related to General Motors from Nissan.    

Nissan on 30th of May in the year 2006 launched the hybrid truck Atlas 20 in Japan. At the Hannover Fair of 2006’s season it launched the hybrid truck Cabstar. The head office of company moved back to Yokohama from Tokyo on the month of August in the year 2009.

The state government of Tamil Nadu (India) on the 23rd of February month during the year 2008 signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the association of auto manufacturing Mahindra Renault to set a unit of production at Oragadam in suburban of Chennai.

The association comprising major auto manufacturer of India that is Mahindra and Mahindra, Nissan of Japan and Renault of France, that will begin with Rs. 4000crores as initial investment for the manufacture of nearly 50000 unit tractors other than cars, spare parts, and utility vehicles every year. It is expected that the project will increase the GDP (gross domestic product) of Tamil Nadu by Rs. 18000Crore every twelve months while on condition that providing lobs for 41000 people.

In the year 1996 Nissan began developing FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicle) and unveiled Xtrail FCV’s limited lease sales in the fiscal year 2003 in Japan. Nissan and Toyota in the year 2002 agree for a mutual business enterprise on technologies of hybrid, and the Altima Hybrid prototype was launched by Nissan during the year 2004.



Vehicle recalls

Nissan on the month of March in the year 2010 officially announced the 540000 vehicles recall to fix gas gauges and brake pedals. The recall of brake pedal affects 179000 vehicles in the United States and for about 26000 vehicles in the Canada, Middle East, Russia and other several countries across the world.

As of 2008 to 2010 Infiniti QX56, Nissan pickups and sports utility vehicle of Nissan Armada, and some vans of Nissan Quest minivans of 2008 and 2009 were being recalled.

Environmental record

Aforementioned to the announcement about the variant Nissan Leaf, the company has had no particular record of environment, at least as supposed comparative to its competition. In the future this may change owing to a new-fangled stress on the production, development, and marketing of automobiles of electric. Nissan has a plan to sell its electric cars in the market of United States by 2010’s December and within the interior of United States by 2011’s June.       


Presidents and CEO (chief executive officers) of Nissan Motors:

Yoshisuke Aikawa was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1933 to 1939.

Masasuke Murakami was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1939 to 1942.

Genshichi Asahara was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1942 to 1944.

Haruto Kudo was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1944 to 1945.

Takeshi Murayama was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the year 1945.

Souji Yamamoto was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1945 to 1947.

Taichi Minoura was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1947 to 1951.

Genshichi Asahara once again for the second term was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1951 to 1957. 

Katsuji Kawamata was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1957 to 1973.

Tadahiro Iwakoshi was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1973 to 1977.

Takashi Ishihara was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1977 to 1985.

Yutaka Kume was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1985 to 1992.

Yoshifume Tsuji was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1992 to 1996.

Yoshikazu Hanawa was the president and CEO of Nissan motors during the period 1996 to 2000.

Carlos Ghosn is the present president and CEO of Nissan motors from the year 2000 to till now.  

Automotive products

Nissan had manufactured extensive range of mainstream trucks and cars, for domestic consumption initially but since the year 1950 it has exported throughout for world market. During the year 1953 there was a most important strike.

Nissan also manufactured and produced several memorable sports class cars, which includes the Datsun Fairlady 1600, 1500 and 2000 Roadsters. The variant Z car was originally an affordable sports range car that was launched in the year 1969; and a powerful sport coupe all wheel drive variant called GT R.                         

Nissan in the year 1985 developed a tuning division called Nismo, for the performance and competition development such cars. The latest models of Nismo is the variant 370Z Nismo.

Nissan automobiles until the year 1982 in most markets of export were sold under the brand name Datsun. Nissan since 1989 has sold its models of luxury under the brand name Infinti in North America.


In Japan as of 2007, the Nissan motor sells their products at a signage of internationally recognized “Nissan”, which employs a circle of chrome across the front.

From the year 1999 to 2005, these are cars sold at the market of Japan under Nissan Blue Stage

Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Cedric, Nissan Serena,  R’nessa, Nissan Liberty, Nissan Cima, Nissan Laurel, Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Bluebird, Nissan President, Nissan Primera, Nissan Presea, Nissan Pulsar, Nissan Stagea, Nissan Terrano, Nissan Avenir, Nissan Leopard, Nissan Hypermini, Nissan Truck and Nissan Caravan.

From the year 1999 to 2005, these are cars sold at the market of Japan under Nissan Red Stage

Nissan Presage, Nissan Teana, Nissan XTrail, Nissan Crew, Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, Nissan Civilian, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Tino, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Gloria, Nissan Bassara, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Pulsar, Nissan Rasheen, Nissan Mistral, Nissan Primera, Nissan Stagea, Nissan Presea, Nissan Largo, Nissan Advan, Nissan Clipper, Nissan Vanette, Nissan Elgrand, Nissan Homy, Nissan Wingroad, Nissan Safari and Nissan Atlas.

From the year 1966 to 1999, these are cars sold at the market of Japan under Nissan Cherry Shop, Nissan Satio Shop and Nissan Prince Shop.

Nissan Skyline, Nissan Cima, Nissan Auster, Nissan Gloria, Nissan Primera, Nissan Langley, Nissan Pulsar, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Santana, Nissan Safari, Nissan 180SX, Nissan Mistral, Nissan Homy, Nissan Elgrand, Nissan Bassara, Nissan Serena, Nissan Largo, Nissan Primera Wagon, Nissan Stagea, Nissan Wingroad, Nissan Avenir, Nissan AD Van, Nissan expert, Nissan Atlas, Nissan Clipper, Nissan Vanette, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Homer, Nissan Cherry and Nissan Cherry Vanette.


From the year 1959 to 1999, these are cars sold at the market of Japan under Nissan Bluebird Shop, Nissan Motor Shop. 

Nissan Violet, Nissan Villa, Nissan Datsun Truck, Nissan Bluebird, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Leopard, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Avenir, Nissan Terrano, Nissan Laurel, Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Laurel Spirit, Nissan Laurel, Nissan President, and Nissan Spirit.

Global sales figures

Nissan sold to around 2555962 vehicles in the year 1998.

Nissan sold to around 2629044 vehicles in the year 1999.

Nissan sold to around 2632876 vehicles in the year 2000.

Nissan sold to around 2580757 vehicles in the year 2001.

Nissan sold to around 2735932 vehicles in the year 2002.

Nissan sold to around 2968357 vehicles in the year 2003.

Nissan sold to around 3295830 vehicles in the year 2004.

Nissan sold to around 3597851 vehicles in the year 2005.

Nissan sold to around 3477837 vehicles in the year 2006.

Nissan sold to around 3675574 vehicles in the year 2007.

Nissan sold to around 3708074 vehicles in the year 2008.

Nissan sold to around 3358413 vehicles in the year 2009.

Nissan sold to around 4080588 vehicles in the year 2010.

Nissan sold to around 4669981 vehicles in the year 2011.

Nissan sold to around 4940133 vehicles in the year 2012. 

 Manufacturing locations

In Japan, it has its own manufacturing plant located at Kaminokawa, in Tochigi, at Kanda, in Fukuoka, at Kanagawa Ku, in Yokohama, in Kanagawa and at many more locations.


For details, visit Nissan's official website.

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Nissan - A Brand to Keep on Your Radar

If you think that finding a bargain on a good car is impossible, you might want to check out the Price list, as you'll soon realize how amazing Nissan prices in India can be. Japanese brands, such as Nissan, are well known for being affordable and reliable. With this corporate motto being “Trusted driving pleasure,” four essential core values are assured by this brand that offer great advantages to these models. This relates to the environment, safety, dynamic performance and comfort.

The quality- Nissan strives for it

Regarding the environment, these cars in India strive to stay on the path of ecology. Thanks to the approach that makes fuel last as long as possible without compromising on the car’s performance. Corporate uses clean diesel fuel on 3-liter engines that can go for 100 km when full, allowing you to track fuel consumption and use a probe vehicle system that helps you stay ahead of heavy traffic. Nissan four wheelers manage to stay eco-friendly in all terrains.

Safety comes first for Nissan models in India

This brand in India are as safe as possible as they include features that aim to prevent injuries, such as a safety shield that activates different kinds of systems in reaction to different types of situations. When creating a car, brand gives the Nissan models in India and all over the world a design that you can rely on for peace of mind, by giving them features such as a distance control assist system and a lane departure warning system that helps avoid dangerous situations. When an accident happens, the zone body construction protects those in the car, minimizing the strength of impact with a sturdy cabin and impact-absorbing parts. The type of safety that cars models provide is essential when driving through the fast-paced streets of Indian cities.

Nissan models beat in performance

When it comes to performance, if you check the models list, you will realise there is not a single one that doesn't have a dynamic performance. All cars will get you where you need to go in the best way. New models have a lot of performance upgrades. Nissan cars have fast yet quiet acceleration and a great stability even when driving at high speeds, making you feel safe and in tune with your car. Driving these cars, you’ll feel peaceful and confident in every situation.

Features of new Nissan cars that you would love to explore

These vehicles have all sorts of comfortable features to suit your needs. In a Nissan cars list, you can see how new models have an intuitive design for easy driving, where everything you need is at your reach without reducing visibility. There’s a great sound systems, pleasing lightning air conditioning features that keep the interior at an ideal temperature and seats that feel straight out of a comfy living room. Aesthetically, new cars 2017 have a pleasing black interior that is classical yet modern looking in its design, and ever-innovative exteriors that always remain beautiful and safe. The cars also offer ample space for storage in the trunk. The upcoming models in India are expected to have a lot more updates at the design and performance fronts.

If any of these amazing concepts and features appeal to you, you can find a car price list 2017, all the essential details you need for your purchase and information on new launch dates for upcoming cars on Autoportal. Check out cars and get a bargain on Nissan prices in India.

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