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Is re-sale value of Nissan Micra good ?

By: Darshan on 9 may 2014

3 Answers:

Re-sale value of any car depends on condition of car i.e. car in good condition will definitely gets better re-sale value then the OK OK condition car, their are also some factors which helps in maintain the re-sale value car which includes standing life,kilometers runs, insurance claims,proper service. So according to me if you want to sale your Nissan Micra after 4-5 years then you should keep some things in mind like proper body maintenance, follow full maintenance chart and standing life which should not be a problem because Nissan Micra is solid and heavily build car which can runs for many years if some attention is given to its maintenance needs.
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Sonal Gupta    2015-04-09

Nissan Micra is quite successful in the Indian auto market because of its fuel efficient K9K diesel engine, spacious and very comfortable passenger cabin and a fresh look in the hatchback segment. These things make its resale value very good. Though, resale value of any car depends on various factors like the city where car is purchased, total kilometers run and condition of the car.

Nishant   2015-04-16

I really agree with Sonal and Nishant giving their views on re sale value of this car. But as I observed according to market trend Nissan cars don't really get a good demand in second hand car market, hence lowering down the overall value of second hand Nissan. Companies like Maruti Suzuki are ruling the second hand car market as well this is because if spare parts availability in the market and that though at low price.

Deepak   2015-04-18

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