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How many kilometers i can go on full tank of Nissan Micra?

By: Anurak on 3 may 2015

4 Answers:

The best way to know how many kilometers your car can go on its full tank is to multiply the fuel tank capacity with fuel economy, the resultant of this will give you approximate figure of kilometers a car can go without refulling. If you consider the petrol motor of Nissan Micra then you can go around 738 kilometers (where fuel economy is 18kmpl) while for diesel motor of Nissan Micra you can go 943 kilometers (where fuel economy is 23kmpl). All though fuel tank capacity is 41 liters stays constant for all variants.

Adi   2015-05-03

The fuel tank capacity is another added feature in Nissan Micra. Plus, the mileage of the car is near about 18 kmph, and hence you can go 734 kilometers. I have been to a long drive and I returned with 10 liters. I travelled 480 kilometers in total. These figures may change as per the maintenance of the car, but this car is tested in all odds and is simply very reliable.

Sumit   2015-06-15

Nissan Micra is the car for a nuclear family. If you feel that you want a car and your budget is not very high. This car is the best option. The mileage of the car is perfect for me. I went to a long drive and found that with 10 liters of fuel in the tank I travelled 180 kilometers. I often go to a long drive with my sunny and my family, especially on the weekends.

Karuna   2015-06-16

The car is a great one. I like driving the car as the mileage of the car is superb. The car is having best mileage when you take it on the long drive. I never loaded it full tank, but I found that I could travel 100 kms with 8 liter of fuel. So, over this car give a mileage of about 18 kms per liter. Hence, the car is pretty efficient.

Ved   2015-06-18

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