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Why cabin of Nissan Micra becomes noisy at high speed?

By: Irfaan on 19 june 2015

8 Answers:

Hello Irfaan !!

The cabin of the Nissan Micra becomes noisy because of many reasons, it may be because of the less grip in the tyres, or using bad quality tyres, the sound is transferred to the cabin via tyres, and it could be also due to poor maintenance of the car, or by using bad quality of engine oil. Always service your vehicle from the authorized service centre and also use genuine engine oil for good health of the engine. Check the wheel alignment of your car, it makes lot of noise in the cabin, if it is not perfect.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-19

The cabin of Nissan Micra can become noisy at higher speeds owing to several factors. These include bad quality engine oil being used, low quality tyres, less than required tyre pressure or some snag in the engine. Also, the tyre alignment should be proper lest it leads to cabin noise. It is always advisable to service the car from an authorised service station from time to time.

Devesh   2015-06-23

If the workings of the engine have some problem, the cabin of Nissan Micra can reverberate with the sound generated, to be audible at higher speeds. It is thus advisable to service the car from an authorised service station and use good quality engine oil. Also, maintaining optimum tyre pressure, wheel alignment and using good quality tyres are essential in removing the cabin noise.

Asad   2015-06-27

There can be a lot of reasons responsible for the noisy sound from the cabin of Nissan Micra at high speed. One of the valid reasons can be the tires. If the recommended tires are not used with the Nissan Micra as per the user manual provided by the company, then the vibration is transmitted from the tires to the cabin of the car. One can also check for the alignment of the wheels.

Sarfraz   2015-07-02

One of the many reasons for the noisy sound inside the cabin of Nissan Micra is due to inadequate measure taken in maintenance. If the car is not maintained and serviced well, then due to losing of body parts of various section of the car could lead to conduction of the vibration from those loosened parts to the cabin of the car. Using bad quality tires can also be the reason.

Param   2015-07-04

The cabin of Nissan Micra becomes noisy at high speed. This can be due to the use of low standard engine oil, which increase the load on the engine, thus the engine vibration can transfer to the cabin and create a noisy feel. Always use genuine and quality engine oil for the good health of the car as well as for the engine. The car should be maintained in good condition.

Nishikesh   2015-07-06

Several technical reasons are responsible for the noisy feel inside the cabin of Nissan Micra and it can be worked upon if the cause is known. One of the important reasons is the tires. If the tires do not grip well on roads, then at high speed, the vibration from the tires are transferred to cabin. Keeping the car under low maintenance for a long time can lead to the noisy sound at high speed inside the cabin.

Osmaan   2015-07-08

The necessary reasons for the Nissan Micra to make sound inside the cabin are due to loosened body parts. It requires maintenance from an authorized service center. Use of cheap or economical engine oil can be the problem. It increases the stress on the engine parts and thus causes more vibration from the engine parts. This noise is transferred from the hood to the cabin through the body of the car.

Ridul   2015-07-10

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