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Is it worth to buy a second hand Nissan Micra Active?

By: Punit on 8 may 2014

2 Answers:

According to me it is hard to find the second hand Nissan Micra Active because it is just arrived in Indian market but if you still able to find any seller then i recommend you to buy it if its in good condition as Nissan is a well known trusted manufacture who creates heavily build car. Every individual should note some points which will help him to calculate the perfect values for the car which includes kilometers readings, check for insurance policy (which will gives you rough idea of market value), check for proper maintenance chart following as depicted in the service manual provided with the car because sometimes smart seller charges extra money for less services.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-05-08
Nissan's products hardly sell in the used car market..becuase they long last...and you'll hardly see a Nissan product in the second hand car market. is of course worth buying a used Nissan Micra Active if that's in good condition. Make sure to check the condition of engine...and the mileage driven.. also pay a close attention to status of the interior...if it's still in good may go for it. Used cars are advised to purchase only after the green signal of a good mechanic. Call someone you trust..let him take a test drive...If he nods it. Nissan is a you need to think too much..but when it comes to used's always better to test well before buying.
Trilok   2014-08-22

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