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How good are the seats of Nissan Sunny?

By: Sanjida on 4 january 2015

2 Answers:

Nissan Sunny is a king size car in all terms and this king size sedan comes with stylish and amazing interior and with perfect dual tone skin supported by high quality for leather material. Nissan Sunny's central console comes with various features like entertainment system which can play almost all playable medias. The central console also comes with touchscreen module which have very interesting and very much user friendly user interface. This long sized Nissan Sunny is also blessed with advanced climate controller which creates pleasant environment inside the cabin in minutes. To make comfortable ride experience the engineers from Nissan installed well designed seats which give premium support to backbone where cushioned fillings of leather seats give extra comfort. These cushioned seats of Nissan Sunny also helps in absorbing shocks when car hits the bump road. Overall Nissan Sunny is very much fun loving sedan to drive in local traffic. The highway riding is also fun with those amazing seats.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-04

The C+ segment sedan, Nissan Sunny comes with a fine and well-arranged seating arrangement. To offer a comfortable seating, this car features well-cushioned seats, which let the occupants enjoy a joyful drive no matter how good or bad are the conditions of the roads. Theses seats feature adjustable head rests along with arm rests and the occupants just need to press a button to get them adjusted. The driver seat is adjustable and the driver can adjust it as per his requirement. The co-passenger seat too is comfortable and provides much space stretch legs, The rear seat is full of safety and three people can board here with no cramped feeling at all.

Bimal   2015-01-29

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