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How good is the braking efficiency of Nissan Sunny?

By: Siddharth on 2 june 2015

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Hello Siddharth !!

Nissan sunny has come up in India in 2011 and brings its first facelift in 2014 at (approx.) 7,00,000 . As it is an sedan car it available in both petrol and diesel variants both have different prices. It is boost up with a tremendous power of 97.7bhp in diesel at 4000rpm and &84.8bhp of 6000rpm. Having that much of rapid speed it also need have an hardcore braking system thus it contains that .It has got an strong front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The well-calibrated ABS (Anti-lock braking system) with EBD (Electronic brake force distribution) which helps us to ensure a safe drive

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Karuna   2015-06-02

The manufacturer has retained its braking mechanism with the combination of disc and drum brakes, fitted to its front and rear wheels respectively. This reliable braking mechanism is further assisted by the anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution to prevent any form of skidding on slippery roads. Effective braking mechanism is a very essential part of the overall security of the riders and Nissan Sunny has got a very good system going for it.

Subramaniyam   2015-06-12

You can get the Nissan Sunny cars in petrol and diesel variants. The car has a tremulous power, which is 97.7 bhp, at 4000 rpm in the diesel car, and 84.48 bhp at 6000 rpm in the petrol variant. The car has got disc brakes which ensure that the car can be stopped even when running on high speeds.

Hardeep   2015-09-17

It is not enough if the car can be driven on the high speeds alone. You need a car that can be stopped without any damage even when driven on high speed. The car has disc brakes in the front and the drum brakes in the rear.

Nilesh   2015-09-19

The braking mechanism of the Nissan Sunny cars are great, and there is a merge of the disc and drum brakes. The front wheels have the disc brakes and the rear have the drum brakes. The overall security features get a positive impact with the effective braking mechanism.

Mehar   2015-09-20

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