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Good value for money

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Radha on 06 June 2014
I truly bought the two.0L version in Taiwan. Everything else being a similar. I did take a look at drive the two.3L version and you'll solely tell the distinction after you floor the foot pedal. i feel the inside is simply OK. Some folks assume it's luxurious, whereas others assume it's excessively...  Read More »

My Custom Nissan Teana

Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: Hitesh Yadav on 18 December 2014
I want my Nissan Teana to look totally different from all other Nissan Teana’s available in market so I redecorated my car with matt tapping all around the body with shinny black tapping on roof, to enhance the side looks I replaced company allows with 18’ inch wheels with white paint line of paint on...  Read More »

Large Sedan

Overall rating: 3 Reviewed By: Mohit Saluja on 28 November 2014
Nissan Teana have to be my choice because I hate to struggle for sitting space in car. My Nissan Teana provides good room for all 5 passengers (including efficient head room, leg room, shoulder room and elbow room) which become very useful when I am travelling with my family. Earlier it was headache...  Read More »

Test Drived Nissan Teana

Overall rating: 4.5 Reviewed By: Rohan Sharma on 15 November 2014
I was looking for a premium sedan so I decided to go through all my options available but Nissan Teana have attracted me lot because of unique design and looks where chrome work was charming its whole look. I also love the light colour inferior it bright the full car and highlights every details of car...  Read More »

powerfull sedan

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Amit Tripathi on 16 October 2014
I decided to bought Nissan Teana because I want an car which have best in class comfort but most importantly I was looking for a powerful sedan which is only possible in Nissan Teana because of V6 engine configuration but I don’t how this long sedan able to manage to get three digit speed but I am...  Read More »

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Nissan Teana Overview

Nissan Teana in India, is one of the most opulent and elegant Sedan’s launched by the Nissan family. This mid-sized car, is a sure hit among the younger crowd and is currently available only in the petrol powered engine. Claimed to be the most plush and highly paid for car among the other Nissan’s, Nissan Teana in India is said to be apt for the Indian roads, with its sleek long wheel base and isconsidered as a completely built unit.
Nissan Teana Overview
Nissan Teana is one of the best buy for those who seek a comfortable vehicle which is chauffeur driven and can easily seat up to 5 members. Nissan Teana in India is a real great beauty which fulfills the dreams of owning a stylish car and likewise present an experience worth your money.This powerful Nissan Teana’s price varies between Rs. 21-25 Lakhs on road, and its curvy design and buildoffers an extremely powerful drive.

Compared to the other 5 Nissan car models in India, which comprise of a Nissan Micra, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Micra Active, Nisan Terrano and Nissan Evalia, Nissan Teana caters to a wide audience which prefers better looks and a smooth drive at the same time. With an amazingly engineered engine capacity of 2496cc, the Nissan Teana in India can boost up to 182 PS of raw power in 6000 RPM and a torque of about 228 revs per minute.
Nissan Teana Overview
Nissan Teana’s smoothly accelerated V6 engine is upgraded with an X-Tronix variable transmission, which is extremely powerful.One can even enjoy an amazing sports car experience, as the Nissan Teana also has an option of sports mode.The interiors of the Nissan Teana India have geared up in its standards and gives a feeling of entering into a 5 star luxury cabin, with all the essential comforts added.

Nissan Teana Exterior

The Nissan Teana in India has a classy looking exterior, which looks sophisticated and elegant at the same time. The first noticeable feature is its huge sunroof, which is UV protected, one-touch retractable privacy glass with an electric tilt.
Nissan Teana Exterior
The big grille in the front is coated with Chrome and has horizontal bars, which are right next to the cool wraparound Xenon headlights. The Nissan Teana also has a muscular appeal due to the bulged out bumper which gives the car an enhanced cutline.The sparkling glass mirrors and the signal indicator lamps, placed on the sides, gives the car a beautiful look.
Nissan Teana Exterior

Nissan Teana Interior

With its highly appealing wood finish steering and dashboard matching the conveniently manageable controls, the Nissan Teana in India will certainly be a loved car.
Nissan Teana Interior
The seats feel extremely comfortable with their soft cushion padding, leather finish and arm rests the size of a sofa. Owing to the long wheel base of the NissanTeana, the rear end passenger seats offer maximum leg space and great back support for a calm drive. One cannot fail to notice the huge glass roof, which promises fresh air and sufficient light when on a long journey.When the glass roof is closed the rear air vents keep the interiors airy and nice.

Nissan Teana Engine & Transmission

The Nissan Teana in India has a bigger V6, 2.5 liter engine when compared to its older counterpart and accelerates from 0-100 kmph within just 12 seconds.Though the car has an electronic fuel injection system, the maximum achievable speed per hour is 200 miles. Also, the milage of 8.5 kmph is really not good for the Indian roads which gets affected due to the powerful petrol engine placed on the inside and the non availability of a diesel engine model.
Nissan Teana Engine & Transmission
Driving can be pretty easy and leisurely when your not pressing hard on the gas pedal and your gear shifts perfectly due to the Continuously Variable Transmission. But when you want to quicken the engine power and keep pressing on the throttle, there’s a very annoying rubber-band effect that is identifiable. So a fast progressing engine sound can be quite loud and audible.

But apart from the engine, the steering can be adjusted to the vehicle speed and as the Nissan Teana is a pretty heavy car, its driving outcome is smooth an efficient.The drive quality is extremely smooth due to the best suspension setup and the overall performance is pretty decent.

Nissan Teana Mileage

Nissan claims a city mileage of 8.03kmpl in petrol version XL whereas the XV delivers 11.07 kmpl on highways. The car is on the heavier side therefore the mileage does lag at times despite the powerful engine and other fancy technicalities.

Nissan Teana Braking and Safety

The disc brakes present in the Nissan Teana help in easy control of the vehicle and the stops can be made conveniently without a lag. At the rear end, the bumps cannot be felt as the car swallows them with grace.

The safety of the Nissan Teana in India is well taken care of and the car is composed of keyless entry feature, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Dual airbags at the front and on the sides, Anti-lock breaking system, a strong body chassis structure, Xenon light lamps and a cruise control mechanism. The car has a monitor for a 360 degree view and alerts the driver at parking lots and signals. Also to keep the driver aware of the happenings in and out of the car, an LED central console is incorporated in the vehicle.

Nissan Teana Performance and Handling

The 2496cc engine is based on the Electronic Fuel Injection system which generates optimum power and torque that helps the vehicle roll comfortably even at 195kmph to 200kmph. From zilch to 100kmph can be reached in just about 12 to 14 seconds. The 17inch tubeless Radials give the car a very exotic road grip and the wheel arches give the premium sedan a very stylish look as well.

The EBS with BA helps the driver have sturdy control even on the most slippery roads whereas the suspension system allows a comfortable ride even in bad road conditions. The Vehicle Dynamic Control and the Electronic Power Steering allows the driver to maneuver better thereby improving the handling.

What do we think about Nissan Teana?

Nissan Teana in India is a perfect car for those who like to be chauffeured around in luxury. The beautiful interiors are made of high quality leather and wood materials and the muscular exterior finish, undoubtedly can give you the best driving experience. But if you are looking for high performance and a sports car engine pickup, the price you pay for the car may disappoint you a bit.

Nissan Teana Competitors

Nissan Teana’s two petrol powered variant’s the XL and the XV series, are sure to give a hard competition to cars such as theToyota Camry and the Skoda Superb. All of these are competing car brands that are tough competitors in the luxury car segment.

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