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In comparison to the features and engine specifications of Renault Duster Why the rate of Nissan Terra no is more in India?

By: S. C. PADHEE on 13 january 2015

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Hello S. C. PADHEE !!

The comparative price of Nissan Terrano is higher than that of Renault Duster. The resaon could be the company policy, manufacturing costs involved and transportation costs and so on. The variation in price is higher in base variants than compared with higher variants. The variantion of features available like that of interior trims upholstery condition and all such other parameters does include in the overall price variantion. Maybe this is one of the points with which you can see good number of Renault Duster on road than that of Nissan Terrana.


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Sonal Gupta   2015-01-19

Although, both the cars come from the same segment, the compact SUV segment, however, there is much difference in both the SUVs. For instance, despite featuring the same 1.5l engines, the mileage of Terrano is far better than of Duster as its diesel trims offer 17.2kmpl while duster delivers only 16.1kmpl. On the other hand, Terrano comes only in 6 shades while Duster features 7 shades to provide more convenience to the buyers. The price of Duster is slightly low than of Terrano. Its low end comes in Rs. 9.1 while Terrano its lower trim costs more than Rs. 10 lakh.

Raghav   2015-02-13

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