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How is the costing and maintenance of Nissan Terrano? Terrano?

By: Kanti on 16 february 2015

3 Answers:

Terrano is a high performing, feature loaded vehicle which thus has its price on slightly higher side. It starts from a staggering 10.2 lakhs and also if you go for the petrol version, the mileage of 13.5kmpl is not considered good. But then there is a relief of diesel version (at a high price) and high mileage and also the maintenance cost is mediocre. It can cost around Rs. 5,300 for a whole year to get the basic servicing done.

Kumar   2015-02-16

Nissan Terrano is available in both diesel as well as petrol models. The range starts from the lower to top diesel variants of the car from Rs. 10.1 to Rs. 12.9 Lakh. On the other hand, it has only one petrol variant, which comes with a price tag of Rs. 10.1 Lakh to allure the buyers. From the point of view of maintenance, Nissan cars are always costly as they still do not function through a solid chain of their authentic service stations and their spare parts too come very heavy on the pocket.

Rakshanda   2015-02-21

While buying a car its cost of buying and maintenance play a key role in the decision to own it. The Nissan cars are slightly higher priced than other models as these are yet to have a strong network of establishment in India. The Nissan Terrano is a smooth performing SUV which starts from 10 lakhs and the higher diesel variants go up to 12.5-12.9 lakhs. Its basic servicing costs about INR 5000 in the service centers.

Pradeep   2015-06-16

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