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Why maintenance of Nissan Terrano is expensive?

By: Neeraj on 10 june 2015

3 Answers:

Hello Neeraj !!

Nissan is a multinational brand and has its branches in all over the world. However Nissan in India have not been that well established. The maintenance of Nissan Terrano or any other Nissan car for this matter of fact is expensive because the service network of Nissan is not that well established and have very few sales so this company fails in enjoying the benefits of economies of scale hence putting the burden of covering its costs from a very few customers.

Karuna   2015-06-10

Nissan is a niche brand for the Indian market and hence it will take time to develop a strong base in the Indian automobile segment. It is because of the dealership stores quote prices slightly higher due to the "the high end trimmings used by the dealer. The materials used in the making of parts are more expensive and at times high price is owing to the less availability of its parts in the market.

Karan   2015-06-19

The servicing of Nissan cars are expensive as the company does not have many service centres set up in various parts of the country. Also, as the sale of the cars from the brand is considerably less as compared to many of its counterparts, in terms of economy, the cost is recovered from the few customers. The situation will only improve when vehicles from the company show an upswing in their sales pattern.

Ankur   2015-07-02

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